Department of Media and Communication Center for Communication Research

CityU-Leeds Joint Research Seminar “Disruptive Truth Telling in the New Media Ecology” by Dr. Lone Sorenson and Dr. Limin Liang

11 Mar 2021 (Thu)

The School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds and COM unveiled the first joint research seminar on March 10 featuring talks by Dr. Lone Sorenson of Leeds and Dr. Limin Liang of COM. The talk examines how social media technologies and imaginaries enable entrepreneurial intervention of key establishment rituals. The first part looks at populist opposition party EFF’s disruption of South African State of the Nation Address and its implications for legislative politics in a transitional democracy. The second part zeroes in on a social media-based advocacy campaign in China surrounding a revenge murder and interrogates its meaning for legal justice and authoritarian deliberation. 
The seminar was warmly received by faculty and students from both institutions and was followed by inspired discussions. This will be the first of a series of joint research seminars and exchange activities between the two institutions aimed at bringing together faculty members with shared interests and promoting collaboration.