College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

CLASS runs a service-learning programme in Myanmar in partnership with Phaung Daw Oo Monastic (PDO) Education School, a local NGO. Students are required to attend training workshops and learn about Myanmar’s history, the core values of service learning, the practical skills of teamwork, problem solving, and communication and essential skills in classroom management before their visit. A supervisor accompanies the students on the four-week trip to give them the necessary personal and academic support and to supervise their service, while also coordinate with the partnered local NGO.

The International Community Service-learning Programme – Myanmar is designed to provide students with real-life work experience while delivering community service in an international context for four weeks. Students are expected to apply the knowledge, concepts and skills they have learned in the formal curriculum to a real-life context. Students who are able to fulfil the assessment requirements of the service-learning stream of the College professional internship course are awarded three credit units on completion of the programme.

In addition to serving in PDO, students have the opportunity to design and implement cultural visit programmes. By visiting institutions, the local zoo, pagodas, temples and local people’s homes and weddings, the students learn about a wide range of topics in an impressive, experiential and real-life way.

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