From the Dean

From the Dean

Our goal is to promote academic disciplines, enhance levels of excellences in university education, and contribute to general welfare in society.

In this issue of the CLASS Magazine, we highlight the efforts by University President Professor Way KUO in discussing various local, regional, and global issues related to education in general and higher education in particular. He has also been directly involved in helping our students on campus. He is an excellent example of Hong Kong educators who care about student affairs. For example, our student Kiki HUNG has a chronic condition. However, she has never stopped making efforts and has achieved good results for her studies and her life. President Professor Way Kuo and our faculty Mr Kenneth AU have been her champions and supporters.

We discuss other important topics in this issue of CITY CLASS. Over the past few months, the college has staged various events to foster communication between the university, secondary schools and local students. Seminars were held to advise high school students on admissions and choices of subject selection. We also made used of radio talk shows to introduce our programmes to the public in Hong Kong. In March, we invited more than 30 secondary school principals to attend a seminar on cyber security.

Here is another major event in CLASS: the Department of Asian and International Studies worked with Plan International to recruit local students to take part in the inaugural “Because I am a Girl” campaign, which aims to create dialogue and inspires young participants to learn more about discrimination and inequality around the world.

The English Language Centre’s curriculum has been designed to encourage students to learn English in a fun and joyful environment. Professor Dennis WONG, our Associate Dean, organised a Servant Leadership Seminar series to encourage students to explore fields outside the scope of their major subjects, as a way to raise their leadership skills and to boost their employment capabilities.

Finally, this issue of the CLASS Magazine introduces to readers the International Symposium co-organised by the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the World Society of Victimology. Our students were invited to take part in seminars and broaden their understanding of the various psychological aspects of human beings.

Professor Xiaowei Zang