New Researcher Award
- Winner in 2016 -
Winner of New Researcher Award in 2016
New Researcher Award
Dr ZHANG Xiaoling
Mission Statement:
Turning green into gold by engaging multiple stakeholders in finding an affordable and inter-driven approach for environment conservation.
As a spectacularly productive and creative researcher, Dr Zhang’s achievements in terms of publications, citations and grant applications are way ahead of her contemporaries. Her research contributes mainly to two bodies of knowledge: regenerative sustainability in the built environment, and urban development and urbanisation, land use and management. The basis is a multi-scale set of work examining the dynamics, interactions and relevant factors in a sustainable built environment.

Dr Zhang has proved to be a spectacularly productive and creative researcher. Her achievements in terms of publications, citations and grant applications are way ahead of her contemporaries. In the last three years she has been successful in being awarded four externally funded competitive grant including one being an RGC funded ECS (2015/PI), two NSFC grants (2012/PI and 2013/Co-I), one ECF grant (2014/PI) and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Foundation (2015/PI). In the last five years, she has published 59 papers in peer-reviewed journals with 50 of them ranked as Q1 journal rankings in SCI/SSCI system and another 4 ranked as Q1 in SCImago system. Some of her papers are also highly cited with a total of 818 citations on Google Scholar citation and the h-index is ‘15’. The ‘urban sustainability’ paper has been cited ‘158’ times and another two papers on ‘green real estate development’ have been cited ‘74 and 72’ times according to latest Google Scholar database. Dr Zhang is energetically carving out a strong reputation for herself in the broad and important field of regenerative sustainability with a particular interest in social and environmental sustainability. In doing so, she has already developed an impressive network of international collaborators. She is very active on the international conference circuit and has been an invited keynote speaker and session organizer and chair at a number of conferences.

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“Publish or perish” or “Publish to accomplish”? Are we heading in the right direction?
By Dr ZHANG Xiaoling

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