Vision of CLASS Awards
CLASS Awards honour excellent student DEC activities, innovative teaching, and outstanding performances in KT and research by faculty.

CityU’s Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) emphasises on discovery and innovation in teaching and learning. DEC lies at the heart of our educational strategy in CLASS. Student participation is a key for successful DEC implementation. Accordingly, we guide students to conduct problem-focused research on people and societies in Asia and beyond as part of their acquisition of a strong sense of social responsibility and sustainability; and by doing so, enrich their academic life in CLASS with both a local and global perspective and experiences in knowledge generation and transfer.

Besides, CLASS pioneer recognition of innovative teachers by establishing the Teaching Innovation Award at CityU this year, to acknowledge innovative instructional approaches with proficient embodiment of the DEC.

In 2012, CLASS was the first college at the University to launch an annual award for KT excellence. The award highlights the significance and success of world-class, high-impact and social innovation of KT activities among CLASS faculty members. KT will become an increasingly important task for CLASS.

Finally, CLASS set up young researcher’s award to encourage and develop further high quality research by young faculty and maintain the competitive position of the CLASS. The award highlights the importance of grant capture and publications in the most prestigious outlets.