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Celebrating 30th Anniversary

Anniversary Logo

CityU 30th Anniversary Logo

The logo for CityU's 30th anniversary is designed to showcase a refreshed image for the University, one that brings about an inspiring atmosphere of action and progress.

The logo is dominated by "CityU", which links to "30" to make a coherent pattern. The designer wishes to highlight the new image by colouring the ground crimson, with reference to the 30th anniversary by means of that number, suggesting the many years ahead that call for renewed and vigorous effort. The unconventional shape reflects the dynamism, ascending status and forward-looking features which are qualities relevant to CityU's image. The subtle nuance of the "sunlight" on the top right-hand corner of the logo adds an energetic dimension to the overall visual impact.

Download CityU 30th Anniversary logo[For staff only]
CityU Guidelines for the Use of the 30th Anniversary Visual Identity and the Design Applications[For staff only]