What the Chem? 化學係乜嘢?

You have learned a lot in your classrooms, from the atomic theory to reaction mechanisms, from acid-base to the building blocks of life. But how to explain these concepts to the people who do not understand why the world needs chemistry?

The "VideoChem!" competition aims to develop public interest in chemistry. All full-time secondary school students, regardless of which subjects you are studying, are invited to create short (less than 5 min) and innovative videos that explain or demonstrate a concept, theory or principle in chemistry that would otherwise require many words to communicate.

The chemical concepts explained in your video can be something you have learned at school or can be a phenomenon not taught in the class, but you are excited about.

Winning videos are the ones that communicate the concept in a scientifically accurate, original, engaging, and imaginative ways. Dances! Drama! Props! Animations! Or simply use a blackboard: all we want is a creative idea that communicate chemistry with the public.


  • Secondary school students
  • Acceptable to participate as individual or a team with max. 8ppl.

File Format: a maximum 5-minute video

Application method: complete the registration form by 30 May 2021.

Submission method: Upload to YouTube as an unlisted video

Submission deadline: 30 June 2021

Assessment Criteria:

Explaining, communicating or demonstrating a concept or a theory in chemistry (either in the DSE syllabus or beyond) in a creative, funny, and scientifically correct way


  1. Winner 2016 Breakthrough Junior Challenge
  2. EP.1 量子化學之暗黑火焰 | 港女科學家
  3. The Science of Bath Bombs

Shortlisted videos will be chosen for public vote



Content (35%)

Scientific accuracy

Effectiveness (30%)

Resonating ideas in daily life which can arouse public interest

Creativity (25%)

Innovative concepts, unique presentation

Production (10%)

Technical qualities

Judges: Departmental Project Committee


  • One Gold Award: One trophy and book voucher of HKD 1000

  • Two Silver Awards: One trophy and book voucher of HKD 800

  • Two Bronze Awards: One trophy and book voucher of HKD 600

  • One “Most-liked video” at Instagram: One trophy and book voucher of HKD 600

  • All participants will receive a participation certificate

Don’t hesitate! Participate! A great chance to demonstrate your passion and creativity to chemistry!

Department of Chemistry

City University of Hong Kong


Terms and Conditions:

  • The entry must be the entrant’s original work and it does not infringe any copyright of any person. In addition, the entry must be the entrant’s first published work which has never been published in any exhibitions/ any related events or submitted in other competitions.

  • After the submission, the entry should not be modified, exchanged or returned.

  • The entrant must ensure all provided information to be genuine and correct. It is prohibited to use third party personal information. The entrant with dishonest or incorrect information, or has been verified as so after report, will be disqualified. The entrant should hold the full responsibility for any loss caused to Department of Chemistry or any third party.

  • If the entry contains authorized material(s) or requests a permission during video recording, the entrant should grant the authorization(s) from the copyright owner(s) or corresponding venue owner(s). The entrant may be requested to show their approval documents.

  • The entrant shall grant the usage rights, including renaming, copying, editing, distributing, broadcasting of parts or/and all footage of the entry, to Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong.

  • The entry must not contain obscene, violent, pornographic, defamatory, objectionable, insulting or any of the controversial and inappropriate content.

  • All decisions made by the judging panel are final.

  • Department of Chemistry has full authority to make final decisions in all matters related to this competition, including the terms and regulations, prizes and other arrangements without prior notification.

  • Entrant is believed to accept the above terms and regulations once submitting the entry. Any violation of the terms and regulations may result in disqualification from the competition, subject to the final discretion of Department of Chemistry. There is no appeal mechanism in this competition.