Dr. Ball K P LAI


Visiting Assistant Professor of Department of Chemistry

Dr. Ball K P Lai

Contact Information

Office: YEUNG-B6513
Phone: +852 3442-4716
Fax: +852 3442-0522
Email: kengplai@cityu.edu.hk

Dr. Ball KP Lai received his Ph.D. in Hong Kong Baptist University and obtained his postdoctoral training in the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore. He then joined Department of Anatomical & Cellular Pathology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong to study hepatocellular carcinoma using the next generation sequencing approach. His research was focused on (1) deep sequencing of transcriptome, small RNA transcriptome and methylome to revealcell signaling network in cancer development, (2) risk assessment of hepatic carcinogenesis associated with exposure of environmental pollutants, and (3) ecotoxicolgy of hypoxia.

Selected Publications [*Corresponding author]

Full publication list: orcid.org/0000-0001-8135-6030

  • KP Lai*, JW Li, A Cheung, R Li, MB Billah, TF Chan, CKC Wong (2017) Transcriptome sequencing reveals prenatal PFOS exposure on liver disorders. Environ Pollut [In Press].
  • KP Lai*, YT Chung, R Li, HT Wan, CKC Wong (2016) Bisphenol A alters gut microbiome: comparative metagenomics analysis. Environ Pollut 218:923-930. (F1000Prime Recommended)
  • SY Wang, K Lau, KP Lai, JW Zhang, CK Tse, JW Li, Y Tong, TF Chan, CKC Wong, JMY Chiu, DWT Au, AST Wong, RYC Kong, RSS Wu (2016) Hypoxia causes transgenerational impairments in reproduction of fish. Nat Comm 7:12114.
  • J Gu, JW Li, KF Tse, TF Chan, KP Lai*, CKC Wong (2015) Transcriptomic responses of corpuscle of Stannius gland of Japanese eels (Anguilla japonica) to Changes in Water Salinity. Sci Rep 5:9836.
  • KP Lai, J Chen, M He, KK Ching, C Lau, KF To, BS Lai, N Wong (2014) Overexpression of ZFX confers self-renewal and chemo-resistance properties in hepatocellular carcinoma. Int J Cancer 135:1790–1799.