Teaching & Learning

Outstanding Teaching Awards Recipients 2019/20

The College of Engineering is committed to providing students with a professional education experience that strengthens their knowledge foundation and inspires creativity and innovation.  To promote good teaching and fulfil the commitment, the College launched its first CENG Outstanding Teaching Award 2020.  The nine awardees are pleased to share their teaching philosophy as follows:


Dr Ray Cheung
Electrical Engineering

"Community-based learning pedagogy is based on the belief that all communities have intrinsic educational assets and resources that educators can use to enhance learning experiences for students. In its purest form, it is a teaching strategy that bridges academic theory and real-world practice, promoting academic learning while simultaneously addressing real-world problems, community needs, and interests. It supports creativity in students as well as boosts confidence towards learning."

Dr Gerhard Petrus HANCKE

Dr Gerhard Petrus Hancke
Computer Science

"I want my students to believe what they have learned is useful and have confidence in their ability to use their knowledge in practice. Students should engage with theory through industry standards and real-world system examples, which they can comprehend and analyse using knowledge and skills they gained from the course."


Dr Calvin Keung
Architecture and Civil Engineering

“Using new technologies in teaching help students succeed in learning.  As such, I have adopted Building Information Modelling (BIM), an emerging technology, to inspire and motivate my students.  I believe that well-developed curricula, coupled with new technologies, can offer students an excellent learning platform and opportunities for self-directed learning.  This learning process paves the way for students to develop their life-long learning abilities.”


Dr Victor Lee
Computer Science

"Students’ learning should be driven by their own interest and curiosity.  Teachers can act as a guide to provide a stimulating environment where students can learn professional knowledge, share ideas among themselves, apply knowledge to real-world situations and sharpen their technical competency in order to reach their full potential."


Dr Lu Liu
Biomedical Engineering

"My teaching philosophy is that professors should be enthusiastic and responsive to the needs of their students. They should strive to motivate students to become their best, support them in their life journeys, and equip them with valuable knowledge and the skills they need to succeed in their future careers."

OTA_Dr TAN Chee Wei

Dr Chee Wei Tan
Computer Science

"I believe successful teaching comes about with a student-centred approach like classroom flipping and peer instructions to impart discovery-enriched curriculum knowledge in the most effective ways. I hope to inspire students to be lifelong learners and innovators, empowering them to develop their innate creative potential to shape the world around them."


Dr Kaili Zhang
Mechanical Engineering

"I help students learn and grow, and encourage them to learn as an active discoverer rather than a passive learner. I also use effective teaching methods to stimulate students’ motivation in learning.  More importantly, I arouse their interest in discovering new knowledge by integrating Web 2.0 into teaching and learning."

OTA_ZHI Chunyi

Dr Chunyi Zhi
Materials Science and Engineering

"I keep telling myself: never forget that you are an educator and a teacher. Even if you feel desperate because you can't educate your students, uphold your enthusiasm and watch over your students. Never give up on them"


Professor Moshe Zukerman
Electrical Engineering

"Salient aspects of my teaching philosophy include having a caring partnership with all students regardless of background and abilities, aiming for students to achieve their full potential, making my requirements clear, providing students with self-contained learning material and using learning activities for students to promote online discussions, self-learning and self-discovery."