Student Life

Study Tours

About the Scheme

Host University: San Jose State University

Objectives of the Study Tour

  • To see how Silicon Valley succeeds as a breeding ground for high-tech companies in the US and worldwide
  • To engage students in a team project so that they can work with talents worldwide
  • To help students position themselves as budding engineers in innovative technologies 
  • To encourage CENG students to make a successful career using their professional knowledge

Program Content

It is a 4-week program comprising 4 major components.

Week 1: CityU - specific program
Weeks 2-4: Joint program with other international students

Four major components:

  • Field trips and Cultural Trips 
  • Company visits
  • Lectures
  • Team projects

Field trips and Cultural Trips 

  • Golden Gate Park
  • Computer History Museum
  • Levi’s Stadium & Museum
  • Stanford University & Stanford Shopping Centre 
  • Silicon Valley Tour
  • Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  • San Francisco Tour

Company visits 

  • US Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • Ideas Lab
  • VR Lab Tour
  • Material science or health care technology company
  • Maker Space

Lectures Silicon Valley Ecosystem 

  • Exploring Silicon Valley Companies – Case Studies
  • Intellectual Property Rights Overview
  • Marketing Strategies in the Innovation Economy
  • Global Dialogue for Entrepreneurs
  • History of Silicon Valley & its High-Tech Companies
  • Effective Business Proposal
  • Virtual Reality in Space and VR Lab Tour
  • Entrepreneurship & Fund Raising
  • Career in High Tech’s Ever Changing Environment
  • Cyber Security Awareness of College Students
  • Understanding the Innovation Process
  • Adventures in Ventures

The program content is subject to change depending on the weather conditions and availability of the companies to visit.

Team projects

Students will team up with participants worldwide to work on a group project
The topic is to be proposed by each team
At the end of the study tour, students will present their project at the “Final Presentation and Competition” session; good performers will earn a prize.


  • Duration: 4 weeks from late June to late July
  • Group travel from Hong Kong to San Francisco
  • Arriving early or staying behind is NOT ALLOWED
  • All participants are to travel together

Intake quota: 20-25


During Study Tour

  • Any assigned tasks given by the host university 
  • Project presentation (for team project competition)
  • Logsheets

 On return 

  • Reflective essay with 5 representative photos with captions
  • A 2-minute video clip for each group
  • Feedback questionnaire
  • Sharing session

Work Schedule

Dates Work description Remarks
3-13 Jan 2023 Application period Through CRESDA
Week 4 - 5, Sem B Interview Departments and interview panels have full discretion with regard to the interview arrangement and student assessment / nomination
Week 6 Announcement of results  
Week 7 - 8 Payment of airfare ~HK$12,000-$16,000 (Exact Airfare to be confirmed)
Week 12 - 13 First meeting Compulsory: Exact date to be confirmed
Week 13 - 14 Payment of caution money and Final Payment
  • Caution money: $8,000 (to be reimbursed by October after successful completion of SSV)
  • 40% of programme fee LESS airfare
March/April Visa Application Student to absorb the visa application fee
May/June Submission of 2-page summary of project Compulsory
May/June Pre-departure workshop & Final briefing Compulsory (Exact date to be confirmed)
June/July A 4-week programme in San Hose State University between late June and late July Group departure is a MUST
Staying behind is NOT allowed

Late July/Early August

Final presentation and debriefing
Upon Completion of SSV



  • Full-time undergraduate degree students of College of Engineering at Year-2 or Year-3 level
  • CGPA: 2.0 or above
  • Positive learning attitude, initiative and team-building abilities
  • High level of independence and flexibility to change
  • Excellent self-discipline
  • Year 3 students who have not had overseas experience of ≥ 4 weeks before are given higher priority


  • Application period via CRESDA in early January


Budget estimate

  • Program Fee (includes accommodation in the student dormitory, meals card (breakfast & lunch), transportation for field trips and cultural trips and medical insurance in SJSU)

Approximately HKD63,000
Payment scale:

  • University - 60%
  • Student - 40%

Caution Money

Students are required to pay HKD8,000 as caution money. It is non-transferable and does NOT form any portion of the programme fee. It will be returned to students only after their successful completion of the programme. Students who withdraw at any time for any reason will NOT get any refund. If additional cost is incurred after full payment, e.g. change in the exchange rate or fuel surcharge, it will be deducted from the caution money.

The programme activities of SSV include all the meetings and workshops, the pre-departure briefing, all the scheduled classes and activities in the US and the post-activity debriefing and review meeting. Students are required to attend all the programme activities. Absent from any activity/class or failure to submit any assignment may result in the forfeiture of the caution money in part or in full. 

HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund - Non-academic Awards (TDS & ROA)

  • Students with CGPA ≥ 3.0 may also apply for this ROA scholarship as additional financial support.
  • University sponsorship will not be deducted upon students' successful application for the ROA scholarship.

[SDS / Parent Dept will announce in February/March]

General Information

Visa application

Students are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa and checking that their passport hold a minimum expiry period of 6 months when they enter the US. The cost of visa application and passport renewal is to be borne by the students.

The host university, namely San Hose State University (SJSU), and CityU will issue the necessary supporting documents for students after the student list is confirmed and deposit is made.

COVID-19 Preventive Measures

SJSU,  requires students to certify that they are fully vaccinated and must submit proof before they can access campus.  

Applicants are required to check out the latest information from the related website of the US Centers for Disease Control and follow all state and local recommendations or requirements after travel from time to time.

Insurance matters

For details of insurance policies offered by CityU, please refer to the webpage of the Finance Office. 

Students are required to take out travel and medical insurances policies that will cover COVID-19 throughout the entire period of the Study Tour outside Hong Kong.


Ms Maidie Lo
(852) 3442 9148

Miss Stephanie Chan
(852) 3442 6172