Inbound Exchange

Upon arrival, all incoming exchange students should go to the Global Engagement Office [contact information] to collect a welcoming folder, which contains all the essential information that is required to survive at CityU.

Student identity Card

All incoming exchange students are advised to obtain their student identity card as soon as they arrive. The student identity card is a personal identification document at CityU. It is required for access to campus facilities, including library, sports centre and computer centre.

Electronic identity

All incoming exchange students will receive an electronic identity (EID), which is a unique identifier used by the computer (or by an application running on it) to speedily retrieve information residing on one or more computer systems about a specific student. To activate the EID at CityU’s e-Portal, students are advised to use “EXGB” as the programme code.

Course enrolment

All incoming exchange students must observe the Rules governing enrolment of local and non-local students, and complete the enrolment procedures at the Academic Regulations and Records Office Service Centre [Service Hours and Map] by the end of week 2 of Semester A, Semester B or the Summer Term as specified in our Academic Calendar.