Student Life

The College of Engineering Student Chapter



The College of Engineering Student Chapter (CENG SC) established in November 2020, lead by Professor Henry Chung, comprising a group of enthusiastic students from all departments of the College.  

CENG SC provides a platform for students to organize activities such as workshops, forums, panel discussions, and symposia that foster students’ professional development and personal growth.   It also strengthens the cohesiveness and sense of belonging of our students with the College and the University.



  • To promote the College to the community; 
  • To develop career aspirations in related disciplines;  
  • To develop leadership skills;  
  • To develop presentation and marketing skills;  
  • To learn how to network with fellow students and employers; 
  • To improve the knowledge of your major study;  
  • To demonstrate academic excellence to potential employers;
  • To serve the College and the University. 

All students of the College of Engineering are welcome to join the CENG SC.  
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