Co-operate Education Centre

STEM Internship (ITC) 2020

Company Position Title Main Duties Prog / Major Contact Person
Delvify Data Scientist/Frontend Developer/UX Designer attachment 1 / attachment 2 / attachment 3 CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Dan LEE
King’s Phase Technologies Limited Electrical/Mechanical Engineers   ECE, ME Gavin LOU
O O Possibility Limited R&D Intern   CSC Kelvin CHOW
Season Financial Holdings Limited Digital Marketing System Specialist attachment CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Alan WONG
Innopage Limited STEM Intern   CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Cynthia HUI
Macroview Telecom Limited Engineer Trainee Develop technical skill and IT product CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Jacqueline LING
CU Coding Limited Junior Technical Consultant attachment CSC, INFE, CDE Mr Aldous NG
SMART LAMPPOST LIMITED 5G Smart Cities Ecosystem Evangelist (summer intern)   ARCE, CSC, CDE, ECE, INFE, SEM Alex LI
SOCIF LIMITED Software Engineer/Data Analyst attachment CSC, CDE, INFE Jason YUEN
RoboCode Academy STEM Intern Delivers STEM courses to young kids ARCE, CSC, CDE, ECE, INFE, SEM, BME, ME, MAE Dr Jackei WONG
Aerosim (HK) LTD. STEM Intern Support & service for Simulation Flight Training Device (SFTD) ECE Judi TSANG
Yau Mea Gau Limited Full Stack Developer Intern (Summer Intern) attachment CSC, CDE, INFE Hubert LO
HWC Media Ltd. Tester (Apps) attachment CSC, CDE, INFE, SEM Howard
Slash Limited VBA Developer   CSC, INFE, CDE Taylor TSANG
CityU CS Department CS Lab Intern Website and visualization forms development CSC Dr Shuai Cheng LI
CityU CS Department CS Lab Intern AI Based quality assessment data cleaning CSC Dr Shiqi WANG
CityU CS Department CS Lab Intern Software development in iOS mobile app and server-side (Node.js) development for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) course CSC Dr Chee Wei TAN
CityU CS Department CS Lab Intern Accepted CS student CSC Dr Victor LEE
Sonivy Technology Ltd IT Intern attachment CSC, INFE, CDE Denna WONG
Mindlayer Limited Software Engineer attachment CSC, INFE, CDE Vicky LEE
Varadise Limited Game Developer / Software Engineer   CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Sisi KWOK
Hoopoe Technology Digital Analyst Intern attachment CSC, INFE, CDE Tracy
invbots Software Engineer / Fintech Engineer   CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Sharlene NG
Missio Limited Programmer   CSC, INFE Yi LAU
RiverMap Intern Analyst Programmer analytical system development CSC, INFE Eddie PONG
Ark Space Limited Junior Developer developing web & backend applications   Steven KWOK
Flow Entertainment Limited Intern developing responsive websites and iOS & Android mobile applications CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Eric LAI
Cherrypicks Application Developer attachment CSC, INFE Elaine CHENG
CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited Technical Intern attachment CSC, INFE, CDE, SEM Kitty MAK