Online application


  1. Full-time undergraduate students, local or non-local, in College of Engineering.
  2. They should be penultimate year at the time of application.
  3. The applicant is required to achieve a CGPA at or above 2.50 at the time of application. A drop in CGPA after application may render the student ineligible for OIS participation. The Co-operative Education Centre reserves the right to stop processing the application or withdraw the offer.
  4. Students will be invited to apply via QuestionPro.
  5. Students are required to attend the pre-departure workshop and final briefing normally scheduled on the following weekday right after the examination period. The OIS begins in late May/early June. There will be little room for adjustment to meet individual needs.  Students whose exchange study ends by mid-June should not apply.
  6. IELTS overall score ≥ 6.5 (individual component ≥ 6.0) is required for some UK and USA institutions.

Important notes

Application Invitations will be sent to eligible students in early January.  Students will apply online via QuestionPro. Late application will NOT be accepted.
Department interview A departmental interview is compulsory. It is scheduled between Week 2 to Week 4.  Failure to attend will be considered as withdrawal. Other than scheduled classes, no reason(s) will be accepted for absence or change of interview schedule.

Selection criteria
  • Technical knowledge
  • Academic performance
  • Attitude
  • English proficiency
  • Level of independence
Host interview (Feb - Mar)
  • Students will be notified of the interview details by email.
  • Only one interview at one institution for one post will be processed at any one time. Once an offer is made, the student is expected to accept it. Please consider very carefully before applying for a post.
Offer & Acceptance Once offer is made, students are required to sign an Acceptance of Offer and a Student Agreement within THREE working days.
Pre-attachment training Students are required to attend the pre-departure workshop and the final briefing normally scheduled on the following weekday right after the examination period in May. Failure to attend will result in the immediate termination of the internship and failure of the course FS4005 Overseas Internship Scheme or the equivalent course.
Other Assignments Students are required to complete the assignments as advised by CEC.
Final Presentation Students are required to deliver a final presentation to the host supervisor on site. Upon returning to Hong Kong, a final presentation is to be conducted to the CityU supervisor preferably during the last week of August and before the commencement of Semester A.

Student-initiated OIS

Co-op Centre does NOT process student-initiated OIS.


Miss Stephanie Chan

(852) 3442-6172

Ms Maidie Lo

(852) 3442-9148