Co-operate Education Centre

Other Internship Opportunities

  1. The following internship activities will not and cannot be used to replace the internship schemes that the Centre offers;
  2. These following activities do not receive the support from the Co-operative Education Centre.

Disclaimer: City University of Hong Kong does not bear any liability, damage and/or claim of any nature arising from, or in any way related to students' participation in any of these programmes and activities.

Company Post Application Deadline
Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR 中國青年實習計劃2019 16 Mar 2019
ASM HK Interns 2019 -2020 (50+ Openings) None
CLP Internship Programme 22 Feb 2019
Hong Kong Disneyland Professional Internship 31 Mar 2019
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Consulting Technology Associate Internship None
AIESEC Global Talent
Poster Details
Honeywell JD - IT Intern(2-3 months) None