About the Scheme

The Industrial Attachment Scheme (IAS) takes place from June to August for a minimum of 9 weeks and is offered to students who have completed their third year of studies. Jointly supervised by an academic supervisor and a company mentor, the training takes the form of a structured project or day-to-day work, through which students can gain an exposure to industry.

Support from industry

Students can to work in HK, the Pearl River Delta and other parts of China. When recruiting an intern, the host company is expected to:

  • provide a training relevant to the student’s major study;
  • provide an allowance to the student;
  • assign a company mentor to co-supervise the student with a CityU supervisor;
  • provide lodging, meal and free transportation between factory and dormitory/border checks for students posted to Mainland China

The host company needs to know:


Students are covered under a Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy and for those who need to travel outside HK, a Group Travel Insurance Policy in addition.

Minimum Wage Ordinance

The Minimum Wage Ordinance does not apply to student inerns.


During the attachment period, the interns maintain their status as full-time students of CityU. There is no employer-employee relationship between the interns and the company unless the two parties enter into such a relationship by way of an employment contract. If an employer-employee relationship is set up, contribution of MPF may be necessary.

Interested companies can register at this link, “Training Company Registration”, and submit the job specification before March each year.

Student eligibility

Third year students from the following departments are eligible to apply for the scheme:

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Interested students should submit their application in March. Please refer to Work Schedule.