Course Registration

FS4001 - CES

  1. All CES students will be registered on FS4001 by Co-op Centre.
  2. FS4001 is an 8-credit unit course assessed on a Pass/Fail basis. Failure to complete the training will result in failure of the course and affect the CGPA significantly.
  3. FS4001 cannot be used to fulfil any programme requirement. The status of FS4001 in a programme or how each programme recognizes this course is dependent upon individual programme requirements. Any related queries should be directed to students' parent department.
  4. The grade for FS4001 will only be issued after the student has given the final presentation and submitted the duly completed logbook.
  5. Credit distribution: Sem A (4CUs) + Sem B (4CUs)

FS4003 - CES Placement Project

  1. FS4003 is a 6 CU course and is equivalent to most of the Department Final Year Projects.  Students who are not registered on Department FYPs will be registered on FS4003 to which the industrial-based project contributes.
  2. The project under FS4003 follows the assessment schedule and criteria of the parent department to which a student belongs. It is also supervised by the academic staff of the same department.
  3. Failure to complete the training will result in failure of the project and possibly delay in graduation.
  4. Credit distribution: Sem A (3CUs) + Sem B (3CUs)

Beware of exceeding the maximum credit limit:

Please note that the maximum number of credit units permitted for a degree is as follows:

  1. 4-year degree: 144 credit units (AR 4.1)
  2. Advanced Standing I: 114 credit units (AR 6.4.1)
  3. Advanced Standing II: 84 credit units (AR 6.5.1)

Students who have completed the maximum credit units permitted as mentioned above cannot register for further courses in subsequent semesters/terms except for (a) those pursuing a double major or double degree paying the extra credits exceeding the above maximum credit limit on a self-financed basis; or (b) students who have been granted special approval to exceed the maximum credit limit due to their change of home major. For any queries on this issue. Please check with Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) and/or students' parent department.

If students will exceed the maximum credit limit upon addition of FS4001 (8 CUs) and / or FS4003 (6 CUs), they should seek advice from Co-op Centre and Department before they apply.