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Message from the Dean

A Golden Opportunity for Engineering at CityU

Before I had even set foot on campus at City University of Hong Kong, its reputation had made an impact on me. This university is characterised by its ability to innovate and look to the future. 

The establishment of the new College of Engineering could not have come at a better time. Five years from now, the world will be different. Technology advances at an unprecedented pace. As such, it is our responsibility as a university to equip our students with a mindset that will inspire them to continue learning. 

The new college has eight focused academic departments: Department of Advanced Design and Systems Engineering (ADSE), Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE), Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), Department of Computer Science (CS), Department of Electrical Engineering (EE), Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), Department of Mechanical Engineering (MNE), and Division of Building Science and Technology (BST). Together, they cover a vibrant spectrum of engineering fields and promote academic synergy and communication within the college.

Engineering students are unique. They see the world a certain way and are relentless and diligent problem-solvers. With more focused departments and greater potential than ever before for developing research focuses and curricula, we have an opportunity to attract these great engineering minds to academic and career pursuits that will change the world.

We find ourselves in a golden age of information. In my more than 30 years as a computer scientist, an engineer’s approach has always been an integral part of who I am. Leveraging resources, pooling knowledge, collaborating - all in the pursuit of impactful solutions. As I embarked on my own academic career, I could not have imagined witnessing such incredible booms across industries or seeing the implications of my research and work in the real world. 

When each of us walks through the doors of the College of Engineering at CityU every day, we are entering a vanguard of new technology. Together, we are contributing to the momentum and growth of a powerful and dynamic network and synergy of research, academia and industry. 

As I begin my tenure at the College of Engineering, I am inspired both by its heritage and its potential. It is my hope that the college, our students and our faculty will continue to have a profound impact on Hong Kong society and the international community.

I look forward to meeting students and faculty members and hearing your thoughts and ideas. If my career in engineering thus far has taught me anything, it is to value open minds and open doors. I am honoured to begin this journey with you all, as we build the foundations of a new future, together.


Tei-Wei Kuo
Dean of the College of Engineering