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CENG Outstanding Teaching Award 2019-20 Guidelines

College of Engineering
Outstanding Teaching Award 2019/20



  1. The Outstanding Teaching Award of the College of Engineering (CENG) is established to recognise outstanding teaching which demonstrates innovative, effective and well- implemented instructional pedagogies and approaches, and the embodiment of the Discovery- Enriched Curriculum (DEC).
  2. Recipients are acknowledged to be the College’s exemplars in materializing the vision of the College and the University in providing quality education to CENG students. Faculty, academic and teaching staff can benefit from identifying the best practices for further enhancement of their teaching.


  1. The award is open to individuals by application or nomination by their affiliated department.
  2. All full-time faculty, academic and teaching staff of the College (excluding visiting staff), with at least two years’ accumulated full-time teaching experience at the College at the time of the submission deadline, are eligible for the Award.


  1. There will normally be a maximum of 10 awards.
  2. College appreciation will be provided.
  3. To disseminate the award-winning practices, recipients will be invited to share their teaching approaches in College events and publications.

Submission Procedures

Required documents

  1. All submissions should include the following documents:
    • A completed Candidate Form.
    • A teaching portfolio highlighting exemplary teaching of the candidate, which includes:
      • A statement of teaching philosophy (approximately 200 words).
      • A description of the candidate’s teaching pedagogies and practices, presented with reference to the selection criteria, to showcase innovativeness, effectiveness and implementation (no more than 2 pages).
      • If applicable, any other evidence supporting the statement and description (no more than 8 pages, including appendices).
  2. Submissions should be made through one of the following two ways.

Individual Application

  1. Candidates should submit the required documents to the College.
  2. Heads of the home academic units of the candidates may be asked to comment on the applications.

Departmental Nomination

  1. Each Head will be invited to make no more than one nomination. Prior consent should be obtained from the candidate.
  2. Candidates should submit the required documents to their respective department.
  3. Upon receiving the required documents, the Head should complete the Departmental nomination statement for the candidate
  4. Required documents, together with the Departmental nomination statement, should then be submitted to the College.

Selection Criteria

  1. Candidates will be assessed with reference to the following criteria:
    • Innovativeness:
      • Uniqueness and vision of teaching philosophy and pedagogies, compared against the “traditional” approaches
      • Synergy with the Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC)
      • Ability to inspire learners’ own discovery and creativity
    • Effectiveness:
      • Evidence of impact to improve student learning
      • Contribution to the subject area/other disciplines
      • Contribution to the vision/mission of CENG
    • Implementation:
      • Quality assurance of new teaching practices
      • Reflection and adaption to changes and developments

Selection Process

  1. A selection panel will be formed with members appointed by the Dean.
  2. The selection panel will review the submissions, and shortlist candidates based on the effective demonstration of exemplary teaching as outlined in the selection criteria.
  3. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their teaching approaches and practices to the selection panel.
  4. The decision of the selection panel is final.


  1. Applications should be sent to Ms Vivian Lee (eevivian@cityu.edu.hk) of the College Office by email on or before 17 January 2020 (Friday).
  2. Interview by selection panel will be conducted from February to March 2020.
  3. The CENG Outstanding Teaching Award 2019/20