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Zita Tsui
Graduate of 2021

CityU’s vibrant campus and multi-cultural learning environment have inspired me to constantly upgrade myself!


Zita Tsui, a CityU student majoring in public policy and politics, will soon complete her CityU-Columbia University joint bachelor’s degree programme. Studying diligently, she has won numerous scholarships for her outstanding academic performance. As she knew the donors had high expectations on scholarship recipients, she strived to improve herself relentlessly to achieve the best results in both academic studies and extra-curricular activities. “CityU’s vibrant campus and multi-cultural learning environment have inspired me to constantly upgrade myself!” Zita said vigorously.

The University’s internationalised campus has provided Zita with opportunities to expand her international exposure by exchanging ideas with students from various countries and cities. In her spare time after class, she liked to join debate-related activities and represented the University to take part in various debate competitions outside Hong Kong. The experience from the activities has enabled her to view and consider things from different perspectives, and she cherished very much the learning experience at the University. “CityU has laid a solid foundation for my study, which helped me adapt easily to the study mode at Columbia University in the US,” she said.

Through participation in the 4th Shanghai International Debate Open Competition, Zita knows many new friends who help broaden her horizon.


Zita earned the Hong Kong Jockey Club scholarship in 2019.

The CityU-Columbia University joint bachelor’s degree programme has offered two entirely different learning experiences for Zita. She felt that CityU put the emphasis on nurturing students’ communication skills and team spirit. Many assignments and projects required collaboration between students as a team. Conversely, Columbia University stressed personal development and independent thinking. It encouraged students to freely discuss and express their opinions so as to enhance their ability of critical thinking.

Zita was very grateful to scholarship donors for offering their support and affirmation for her, which helped her think clearly about her future career and develop her life plan. She would like to call on leaders from different sectors to support CityU’s fundraising campaign for grooming elites of the next generation for society.