Photo of Dr Wong Chun Hong

Professor Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor
Convenor, Steering Committee, CityU "United, We Soar" Campaign

We pledge to maximise all donated funds


Under the leadership of President Way Kuo, we have responded decisively to recent international challenges, offering new academic programmes in exciting and highly relevant disciplines such as veterinary medicine and data science. In addition, our students enjoy a highly internationalised learning environment while our research breakthroughs are recognised globally, leading to our dynamic rise in world university rankings.

“CityU’s latest Strategic Plan serves as our response to today’s fast-changing social, economic and technological environment, and serves as a detailed roadmap for the next 25 years of our development. In addition, we are enthusiastically boosting our fundraising efforts to achieve our mission and vision as a world-leading academic institution,” President Kuo reveals.

Leading CityU marathon runners in races around the region, President Kuo waves the flag for CityU’s unity and courage to take on challenges.
President Kuo calls on the public to support CityU’s strategic development at the launch of the fundraising campaign “United, We Soar.”

We are committed to providing the new generation with world-class education and to contributing to the well-being of society, adds President Kuo. He emphasises that donations are a vital source of motivation for CityU to explore innovation and undertake challenges. “I would like to extend my deep and heartfelt thanks to our donors and alumni for their inspiring generosity. Your big-hearted support spotlights the power of unity and empowers us to soar even higher despite these challenging times,” the President says.

“At the ceremony for launching CityU’s biggest-ever fundraising campaign, “United, We Soar,” President Kuo pledged that the University would maximise the use of all donated funds. “Every dollar donated will be like 10 dollars received,” he says. “And we will regularly update donors on the use of their gifts and guarantee that they will significantly impact our work at CityU,” he says.

President Kuo strongly believes that, thanks to the generosity and unity of CityU community, and together with our friends and fans, we will attain the targets of our exciting new fundraising campaign.