Photo of Dr Wong Chun Hong

Mr Lau Ming-wai, GBS, JP
Chairman, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited
Co-Chairman, Steering Committee, CityU "United, We Soar" Campaign

It’s particularly meaningful to contribute to society by helping others accomplish their goals


Dedicating to nurturing the younger generation, Mr Lau Ming-wai and his family have generously donated to CityU over the years. The funds donated are used to support not only the University’s strategic development, but also the establishment of various scholarships and bursaries to enrich students’ learning experience and enable them to expand their international exposures. With an aim to encourage students to boldly explore their lives and make their dreams come true, the funds have benefited many students. “I am glad to partner with CityU and help youngsters explore their potential, promote social advancement and create a better tomorrow,” Mr Lau said.

A young and vibrant university, CityU is committed to creating a multicultural learning environment for students. Its endeavour has been widely recognised with its top position secured in various international academic rankings in recent years. Mr Lau highly appreciated CityU’s forward-looking vision that has enabled it to take a macro view of the prevailing trend to formulate strategies that have far-reaching impacts. For example, its establishment of Hong Kong’s first-ever College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences offers a new academic path for students to develop themselves.

To appreciate Mr Lau Ming-wai and his family’s longstanding support and contributions to the University over the years, CityU named Academic 3 as Lau Ming Wai Academic Building in 2016.


Mr Lau delivered a talk with the theme “Connect Employers with Young People” at the Employers’ Luncheon in 2018.

Keeping a close contact with CityU, Mr Lau knows very well the latest development in education and students’ needs. He thus has more opportunities to support CityU’s social and innovative development projects.“It’s a particularly meaningful way to contribute to society and the future world by helping others accomplish their goals,” Mr Lau said earnestly.

CityU launched its first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign “United, We Soar” with the aim to solicit resources to enrich students’ university life for a better learning experience. Mr Lau thus called for public’s support. “I believe this campaign will enable CityU to take better care of its students’ educational needs and personal growth. Please offer your generous support.”