Monica Chan
Year 2 Student of Veterinary Medicine

Your generosity helps to shape a better me to chase my dream


Monica Chan has a deep affection for animals. Her outstanding performance in public examinations enabled her to enter CityU’s Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine programme with several scholarships. “I’m not from a rich family, so these scholarships can really mitigate my economic pressure and let me have the courage to chase my ‘dream to be a vet,’” she said. She was grateful to the donors for their generous support so that she can study an international-accredited veterinary medicine programme and become a veterinarian or a researcher in this field in future.

During her internship at farms, Monica learns how to take care of various kinds of animals.

Looking back at her Year 1 studies, Monica said she has gained a lot. She learned not only veterinary medical knowledge but also topics on animal welfare, morals and ethics, and animal behaviours. During her internship, she had the opportunity to interact with various pets and farm animals and she learned how to take care of them. “When my second year of studies started, I was delighted to have the chance to take part in virus research at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences,” she said happily.





Donors’ generous support has enabled Monica to have more time and energy to join learning activities outside the classroom. With CityU’s highly internationalised campus, she expanded her social network. “Through participating in various leadership training and social service programmes, I met outstanding individuals in different fields and learned about their life stories. Such inspiring experience has shaped ‘the new me of today,’” she said.

Monica, together with some fellow students with the same goal, founded the Veterinary Medicine Society and organised various activities to promote animal welfare and “One Health” concept to the public. “CityU has provided a lot of opportunities for us to fully utilise our strengths. Without the University’s support, we would not have been able to found the Society and host various events for students and citizens,” she said earnestly.

Monica enjoys a fruitful life at CityU. She would like to thank particularly the donors for their affirmation to let her chase her dream and face future challenges with confidence.