Photo of Dr Wong Chun Hong

Dr Wong Chun-hong, BBS
Chairman, Top Spring International Holdings Limited
Co-Chairman, Steering Committee, CityU "United, We Soar" Campaign
Court Member, CityU
Board Member, CityU Foundation

Contribution makes a fulfilling life


Dr Wong Chun-hong has been a staunch supporter of CityU for its development in education and research with his generous donations over the years. He recalled that CityU impressed him as a congenial organisation that had a harmonious relationship among its staff members and students when he first came to know the University. “I was moved by the dedicated work of all the colleagues whom I met at CityU, and so I decided to name one of the University’s lecture halls after my parents. Their passion for excellence still made me feel very grateful even now.”

Naming ceremony of Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall (2013)

Looking back on the years that he worked with the University, Dr Wong felt honoured to be a member of CityU that has its development and achievements widely recognised and rightly reflected in the world university rankings. He believes that it is meaningful to donate to CityU, as it can help the needy students and support outstanding scholars. They are talented people who will make contributions to society and build a better world with the knowledge they created. “I may not be the pivot of success, but my efforts will contribute to success,” Dr Wong said humbly. “I feel that it is meaningful and gratifying to know that my contributions may play a part in their success.” To him, donating to CityU not only means fulfilling his responsibility as a member of the community, but also self-actualisation in his life and commemoration for his parents.

Dr Wong serves as the Chairman of the Organising Committee for CityU Foundation’s annual dinner. (2018)

Besides making donations, Dr Wong actively takes part in person in the work for CityU’s development. He has served as a Member of the Court, a Member of CityU Foundation’s Board of Governors and an Honorary Patron of the Foundation as well as the Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of the “United, We Soar” Campaign to help the University solicit more resources. Reflecting on his work, Dr Wong felt that he has established a close relationship with CityU and made many new friends here through various tasks and activities. It was a delightful experience to him.

Dr Wong receives an Honorary Doctor of Social Science from CityU. (2020)

He earnestly calls on philanthropists to support the University. “CityU is much in need of more advanced facilities and classroom and office space for professors and students to fully utilize their strengths. With a well-planned roadmap for future development and more soon-to-be-completed campus construction projects, CityU is well-positioned to make more contributions to society. I hope that there will be more donors to support CityU for the wellbeing of society.”