Christina Koshy
Graduate of 2020

Turn dreams into reality


Christina Koshy, majoring in psychology, has just completed the final year of her joint-degree programme at CityU and Columbia University. “Thanks to CityU donors, I have lived my university life to the fullest!” she said with delight.

Christina was selected for the highly competitive joint-degree programme and granted several substantial scholarships for her academic excellence. Her scholarships were supported by the largesse from some generous donors of the University. “The scholarships alleviated my financial burden, and so I could focus on my studies,” Christina added.

Christina (third from the right) attending an inter-institutional scholarship presentation ceremony in 2018

The join-degree programme required Christina to spend two years in each institution. She considered this a golden opportunity to study psychology from two different perspectives, which nursed her aspirations for her career paths. At Columbia University, she joined the Honors Society of the School of General Studies and worked as a research assistant at a well-known psychology lab. Through her interaction with peers and real-life lab experience, she had sown a seed of interest in advanced research in her mind. Whereas at CityU, she participated in various social service programmes to help the underprivileged, ethnic minorities, and groups with special needs. The activities ignited her passion to contribute to the community with her professional knowledge.

Upon completion of her study, Christina is at the crossroads of whether to become a scholar for academic research or a clinical psychologist to heal people’s hearts. No matter which path she picks eventually, it will lead her to success and satisfaction, for sure.

“My university life has been overwhelmingly uplifting! I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the kind and generous support of my donors. Without their support, I would not have had the life-changing experience and opportunities that made my life more fulfilling!” Christina concluded.

Christina joins the Honors Society of the School of General Studies at Columbia University.