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CityU JobPlus


CityU JobPlus is a job information system for CityU full-time students. The system provides updated information on job details and application procedures to facilitate students and graduates’ search for part-time, temporary, summer and graduate jobs. The system offers more than 1,000 available jobs with an update of 100 new posts every day in a wide range of job natures covering more than 24 fields and industries!


Access to CityU JobPlus

1) CLC website > Job Links > JobPlus >

2) Student > Log-in to AIMS > Student Services > JobPlus Vacancies

Access after Graduation

In addition to the extension of career consultation services, 2019 Graduates’ account validity of Joint Institutions Job Information System (JIJIS) has been extended till 31st August 2021! Please refer to Special Notes for details.

Notes to Employers

Employers are welcome to post job advertisements on CityU JobPlus via JIJIS for application of CityU talents.

Job &Employer Information

To show respect for employers and ensure your own safety during the job search process, you should note:

• Use of Information

All information in JobPlus is restricted for students' PERSONAL use in job search. No part of this information may be used or reproduced, in any form or by whatever means, for any other purpose.

• Responsibility

The job information comes directly from recruiting organizations. City University of Hong Kong accept no responsibility for the information disseminated through JobPlus.

• Advice

Students should consult the career counselors in case of any queries or problems.

Good Job-Search Practices

During your job search process, you are strongly encouraged to follow the good practices suggested below. They can contribute to your success in job hunting.

• Be honest 

Don't give false information in your application. This could be a fraud of misrepresentation. 

• Be systematic 

Keep a record of the job information of every application sent out by you. 

• Be punctual 

Arrive at the interview venue fifteen minutes ahead of scheduled time.  Give some time for you to relax. 

• Be prepared

Study the company information and job description before participating to the interview.



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