Department Name
AACSB EQUIS Association of MBAs Berkeley International Partner

Our Staff

The Division has 23 full-time teaching staff. Our staff possesses high academic and professional qualifications with practical working experience in the building and design industry. Our strength lies in our multidisciplinary nature with experts representing all aspects of the building and design industry, including architects, builders, construction managers, building services engineers, building surveyors, estate surveyors, quantity surveyors and structural engineers.

Academic Staff

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Prof John Z LIN Head & Professor Email address 3442-9805 MMW-5420
Dr Norman C F TSE Associate Head & Senior Lecturer Email address 3442-9836 MMW-5408
Dr Square K F FONG Associate Professor (A) Email address 3442-8724 MMW-5404
Dr Apple L S CHAN Associate Professor Email address 3442-9676 MMW-5442
Dr Yongjun SUN Associate Professor Email address 3442-2672 MMW-5443
Prof Chi Ming TAM Professor Email address 3442-7620 MMW-5445
Dr Paul H K HO Principal Lecturer Email address 3442-8500 MMW-5441
Dr Eric S K CHENG Senior Lecturer Email address 3442-7635 MMW-5430
Dr Arthur W T LEUNG Senior Lecturer Email address 3442-7617 MMW-5436
Mr Raymond T W LI Senior Lecturer Email address 3442-7623 MMW-5432
Dr Lawrence W C POON Senior Lecturer Email address 3442-9754 MMW-5426
Dr Kenny K H CHAN Lecturer Email address 3442-7478 MMW-5421
Dr Caroline T W CHAN Lecturer Email address 3442-9798 MMW-5433
Mr Lonnie S H CHEUNG Lecturer Email address 3442-7250 MMW-5422
Dr Jackson KONG Lecturer Email address 3442-9005 MMW-5439
Mr Simon H W LAI Lecturer Email address 3442-9772 MMW-5423
Dr Anthony W Y LAI Lecturer Email address 3442-8588 MMW-5446
Dr Andy K W NG Lecturer Email address 3442-8502 MMW-5433
Mr Peter WONG Lecturer Email address 3442-7561 MMW-5403
Mr Kevin K K YAP Lecturer Email address 3442-7614 MMW-5419
Mr Gary C W CHAN Instructor I Email address 3442-6468 MMW-5438
Dr Alan M L FONG Instructor I Email address 3442-6475 MMW-5439
Miss Conny M W WANG Instructor I Email address 3442-6574 MMW-5434

Administrative Staff

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Mr Wilbur K B CHEUNG Executive Officer I Email address 3442-9100 MMW-5414
Ms Emily S F TING Personal Secretary to Head Email address 3442-7475 MMW-5418
Miss Eunice M C LEE Clerical Officer I Email address 3442-7138 MMW-5410
Ms Sarah Y T YIP Clerical Officer I Email address 3442-9687 MMW-5410
Ms Bennett S F CHEUNG Clerical Officer II Email address 3442-9686 MMW-5410
Ms Connie Y T LEUNG Clerical Officer II Email address 3442-4385 MMW-5410

Technical Staff

Name Position Email Tel. no. Office
Mr Tony M K YUNG Senior Technician Email address 3442-9414 YEUNG G7-516
Mr Alex AU Technician Email address 3442-2689 YEUNG G7-516
Mr C K YU Technician Email address 3442-9844 YEUNG G7-516
Mr Wayne POON Technician Email address 3442-9586 YEUNG G7-516
Miss Melody N Y CHUNG Computer Technician I Email address 3442-9413 YEUNG G7-516