Master of Philosophy (MPhil) /
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Study Period

Code Programme Full-time Part-time
BMS2/M MPhil Biomedical Sciences 2 years 4 years
BMS2/P PhD Biomedical Sciences 4 years 8 years

Programme Information

Curriculum Information Record (CIR)

MPhil Students Admitted before 1 September 2019

MPhil Students Admitted from 1 September 2019

PhD Students Admitted before 1 September 2019

PhD Students Admitted from 1 September 2019

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Important Notes

Curriculums will be revamped for students admitted in September 2019 and thereafter. Details will be announced in due course.


Departmental Student Handbook 2019/2020

Guidebook for Research Degree Studies

Class Schedule

Usually daytime on weekdays

Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme

To enhance the opportunities for postgraduate students to access to courses and expertise at local universities in Hong Kong, students may take courses offered by the other UGC-funded tertiary institutions (CUHK, HKBU, HKIEd, HKU, HKUST, LU and PolyU) as electives through Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme.

Additional Notes

1. Students are required to take a COMPULSORY one credit unit course “Teaching Students: First Steps” (SG8001).

  • Individual students with insufficient English proficiency may be required to take a one credit unit course “English for the Medium of Instruction (SG8002)” before they are allowed to enrol into SG8001.
  • The credit units earned from SG8001 and SG8002 will NOT be counted towards the fulfilment of coursework requirements of 14 credit units for PhD and 7 credit units for MPhil.

2. Students are NOT allowed to apply for credit transfer for core courses.

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23 September 2019