Master of Philosophy (MPhil) /
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Research Degree Coordinator Dr Xin Wang
Deputy Research Degree Coordinators Dr Xin Deng
Dr Sungchil Yang


The research degree programmes aim to train and produce graduates with an understanding of advanced developments and highly marketable specialist skills in the disciplines of biology, biomedical sciences, and to meet local and regional requirements in the industrial, commercial, government or education sectors

Research Areas

The Department focuses on the relationships between human health, organisms, and diseases, covering specific areas of life sciences including molecular and cell biology, genetics and genomics, physiology and systems biology, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry, microbiology and immunology, and epidemiology and public health and aims to understand fundamental mechanisms of disease initiation and progression, and translate new knowledge in biomedical sciences to the development of new therapeutic strategies and clinical practices for health services and healthcare industry. Our research focus/expertise of the current faculties in the Department include: (1) Neuroscience, (2) Cancer Biology, (3) Regenerative Medicine, and (4) Infectious Diseases and Immunity.

20 July 2018