Department of Biomedical Sciences | MPhil/PhD | Admission

Documents Required for MPhil/PhD Applications

Please arrange the following documents to reach the Admission Application System of the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies (SGS):

Online Application

An online application must include the following information:

  • Full tertiary education history including bachelor’s degree
  • Proposed research area under Proposed Candidature section
  • Name of ONE proposed supervisor under Other Information section → If you have contact any CityU Academic staff member, please provide his/her full name after his/her consent. (If you have not filled in this part in your online application, please upload the proposed supervisor’s name as a pdf file to the online application system.)
  • Application fee of HKD200 settled by credit card online for each programme application. Your application can be processed only after the payment has been made.

Notes to HKPFS applicants

  • Please submit an initial application at RGC’s HKPFS Electronic System (by 12:00 noon on 1 December 2018 Hong Kong time) firstly, then quote the HKPFS reference number in the CityU’s online application.
  • Your research plan and vision statement, which should be perspicacious instead of lengthy (not exceeding two pages), will be undergone through plagiarism checking. In the event of false information or committed plagiarism with suspicious contents, both applications for HKPFS and admission at CityU will be disqualified.
✓ Two Referee’s Reports
  • Eligibility of referees
    • PhD holders
    • Within academic circles and able to comment on your academic performance
    • Have/Had a supervisory role on you e.g. supervisor, academic advisor and teacher
    • Invalid: proposed supervisor/co-supervisor in our Department, same-level colleagues, general technical/research staff, schoolmates, friends etc.
  • For non-HKPFS applicants, the University will base on your online application to invite your referees by email to complete the referee’s reports online. If they missed the emails, please ask them to download the referee’s report form for completion; HKPFS applicants are required to download and send the HKPFS-specific Referee’s Report Form directly to the referees for completion.

Scan and upload a clear copy of the following official documents to the online application system:

✓ Identity Document
  • Identity card / passport showing your full name in English
✓ Graduation Certificates
  • To cover your full tertiary education history including bachelor's degree
  • Degree certificate, or official letter certifying your final-year study status if your degree programme is not yet completed
  • Non-English document must be accompanied by an official certified translation in English issued by your university

Notes to applicants with degrees obtained in Mainland China

  • Chinese and English versions of graduation certificate (畢業證書) and degree diploma (學位證書) issued by your university must be provided (four documents in total)
✓ Transcripts and Grading Systems
  • To cover your full tertiary education history including bachelor's degree
  • Final transcript, or up-to-date transcript if your degree programme is not yet completed
  • Grading system showing the transcript legends / grading scales and the maximum achievable grade/mark must be provided. It is normally available at the back of transcript / in student handbook / at the university's website.
  • Non-English transcript must be accompanied by an official certified translation in English issued by your university

Notes to applicants with degrees obtained in Mainland China

  • Transcript in Chinese and English versions issued by your university must be provided
✓ Proof of English Proficiency
  • Official test report of TOEFL/IELTS, or official documents proving that you obtained all degrees from institutions where the medium of instruction was English
  • Not required if you obtained all degrees (except Chinese-related major) in Hong Kong / a country where English is the sole official language
  • Mainland China’s CET6 is not accepted for HKPFS applicants, and will only be considered case by case for regular MPhil/PhD studies
✓ Proof of Publication Record (if applicable)
  • Front page of each published paper, or official letter/email of acceptance for each paper accepted for publishing
  • Each proof of publication record should show the name of publication, abstract, list of authors in order, doi and publishing status (published / in press / accepted / under review etc.)

Important Notes

  • You must propose a supervisor only after getting consent from the faculty staff. Applications without the proposed supervisor's name will not be considered normally.
  • Kindly take responsibility (including CityU students and staff) to provide all of the above documents to facilitate the evaluation of application. Only full applications will be considered.
  • MPhil applicants please contact your purposed supervisor directly for details on funding support in prior to application.
  • For change of information in the online application, please inform SGS immediately via with your full name and application number; for provision of additional information, please upload it as a supporting document to the online application system.
  • If you are interested in the Interdisciplinary PhD Programme in Veterinary Sciences (VM/P) administered by Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences (JCC), please consult your proposed supervisor to submit a separate application through the online application system.

12 March 2019