Master of Science in Health Sciences and Management


Mode of Attendance & Study Period

Combined mode**, Self-financing

  Full-time Mode Part-time Mode
Normal Study Period 1 year 2 years
Maximum Study Period 2.5 years 5 years

Programme Information

Students are required to complete 30 credit units for graduation:

  • 7 core courses (19 credits) + 2 elective courses (6 credits) + 1 project study (5 credits)

The programme will be organised as an interdisciplinary programme among Department of Biomedical Sciences (BMS), Department of System Engineering and Engineering Management (SEEM), and Department of Management Sciences (MS).

Core Courses (19 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units
BMS5001 Common Diseases and Management P5 3
BMS8001 Research Ethics and Methodology P5 2
BMS8102 Frontiers in Biomedical Sciences P8 2
BMS8105 Biotherapy and Nanomedicine P8 3
MS5217 Statistical Data Analysis P5 3
MS5411 Healthcare Management P5 3
SEEM6012 Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship P6 3

Electives (6 credit units)

Choose one course from BMS and one course from SEEM.

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units Remarks
BMS5002 Infectious Disease Management  P5 3 Course will not open if participants are less than 8.
BMS8106 Stem Cell and Regeneration Medicine P8 3  
BMS8107 Cancer Biology and Precision Medicine P8 3  
SEEM5010 Engineering Management Principles and Concepts P5 3  
SEEM6009 Project Management P6 3  
SEEM6037 Managing Strategic Quality P6 3  

Project Study (5 credit units)

Course Code Course Title Level Credit Units Remarks
BMS5003 Project Study P5 5 Dissertation and oral defense are needed, supervisors are from either BMS, MS or SEEM
(Pre-requisite: BMS5001)

Medium of Instruction and Assessment


Useful Links

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Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences

Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Department of Management Sciences

SGS Forms

** Local students taking programmes in combined mode can attend full-time (12–18 credit units per semester) or part-time (no more than 11 credit units per semester) study in different semesters without seeking approval from the University. For non-local students, they will be admitted to these programmes for either full-time or part-time studies. Non-local students must maintain the required credit load for their full-time or part-time studies and any changes will require approval from the University.

22 January 2020