Master of Science in Health Sciences and Management




Programme Aims

  1. To provide a professional education in the discipline of health sciences and management;
  2. To upgrade existing biomedical studies’ graduates with the knowledge in health sciences;
  3. To prepare students with academic knowledge to become managers and engineers of pharmaceutical companies and health related organisations, and scientists or technicians in different research areas in life sciences and health related fields.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  • Acquire essential concepts and knowledge of advanced health sciences and management as well as across the boundaries of interdisciplinary disciplines;
  • Develop social responsibility, critical thinking, sustained interest and management skills in healthcare and management, such as ageing, chronic diseases;
  • Apply specialized knowledge to manage and/or solve problems that are critical to future growth of industry, business and social service in government-oriented and non-government organizations;
  • Manage skillfully and work effectively with people possessing diverse educational and experiential backgrounds; and
  • Apply interdisciplinary knowledge to develop abilities for the increasingly competitive and dynamically changing world market.

Career Prospects

The programme prepares its graduates for a range of careers in the large and interdisciplinary healthcare and management field. Graduates may work in different health services organizations or non-profit making groups, private insurance companies, public health or administration, hospitals, schools or government agencies.

Upon graduation, graduates can work in various areas, such as:

Family Health Services

  • Health Services Specialist
  • Operation Manager – Health Services / Clinic Services
  • Specialist/Executive/Manager posts, including child health, woman health, maternal health and public health

Insurance / Consultancy Company

  • Health / Medical Insurance Consultants
  • Case Management Specialist
  • Marketing Sales / Executive / Assistant Manager / Manager (Healthcare & Pharmaceutical / Health Policy Servicing)
  • Manager, Product Development & Management (Health Care Products)

Education and Research

  • Professionals/Lecturers in universities
  • Investigators in universities and non-profit research institutes
  • Scientists / researchers in pharmaceutical and biotechnology R&D industries

Government and Others

  • Family Health Service
  • Centre for Health Protection
  • Department of Health
  • Community Health Centres

22 January 2020