Dr Temy Mo Yin Mok (莫慕賢醫生/博士)

MBBS (HKU), MD (HKU), FHKCP, FHKAM (Rheumatology), FRCP (Glasgow, Edinburgh), FRCPA (Immunology)

Associate Professor

Dr Temy Mo Yin Mok

Contact Information

Office: 1A-102, 1/F, Block 1,
To Yuen Building
Phone: +852 3442-2714
Fax: +852 3442-0549
Email: temy.mok@cityu.edu.hk
Web: CityU Scholars

Research Interests

  • Autoimmune and rheumatic diseases
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Murine lupus
  • Innate immunity
  • Biomarker


Dr Mok graduated with her MBBS from the University of Hong Kong in 1992. She trained in rheumatology at the Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong from 1996–1999. She obtained Croucher Foundation scholarship to pursue clinical and laboratory training on systemic lupus erythematosus under supervision of Prof. David Isenberg at the Bloomsbury rheumatology unit of the University College London in 1998/1999. She became fellow in rheumatology and advanced internal medicine at the Hong Kong College of Physicians and Hong Kong Academy of Medicine in 1999/2000. From 2001–2007, she enrolled in part-time training in Immunology under the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and obtained her fellowship in 2007. In the same year, she joined the Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong as clinical assistant professor. Her MD research thesis was awarded by the University of Hong Kong in 2011. She was visiting scholar at the Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation, University of Glasgow, and the Centre for Autoimmunity and Musculoskeletal diseases, The Feinstein Institute for Research, New York from 2011–2012, and Program of Clinical and Molecular Medicine at Harvard Medical School in 2019. She became associate professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong since August 2016. She has over 90 peer-reviewed research articles and has supervised 7 research postgraduate students. She is associate editor of the peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases. She is council member and convenor of the scientific committee of the Hong Kong Arthritis & Rheumatism Foundation. She also serves as adviser for the Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation and many local rheumatology patient self-help groups.

Research Interests

Dr Mok’s research interests include:

  • Pathogenesis and immunotherapy of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) with focus on the role of dendritic cells, macrophages, inflammatory cytokines and murine models
  • Neuropsychiatric manifestations of SLE
  • Immunogenetics and biomarkers for clinical manifestations of rheumatic diseases

Selected Publications

Immunological aspects of rheumatic diseases

  1. Yeung KS, Chung BH, Choufani S, Mok MY, et al. Genome-wide DNA methylation analysis of Chinese patients with systemic lupus erythematosus identified hypomethylation in genes related to the type I interferon pathway. PLoS One 2017;21:12
  2. Wu HJ, Lo Y, Chan A, Law KS, Mok MY. Bone marrow derived dendritic cells modified by lentiviral-mediated RelB shRNA possess tolerogenic phenotype and functions on lupus splenic lymphocytes. Immunology 2016, Jun 9 [Epub ahead of print]
  3. Mok MY, Shoenfeld Y. Recent advances and current state of immunotherapy in systemic lupus erythematosus. Expert opinion on biological therapy, 2016;16:927-39
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Clinical aspects of rheumatic diseases

  1. Ng AL, Choy BN, Chan TC, Wong IY, Lai JS, *Mok MY. Comparison of tear osmolarity in rheumatoid arthritis patients with and without secondary Sjogren’s syndrome. Cornea 2017 May [Epub ahead of print]
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Position Availability

Interested applicants for research assistant/associate and post-doctoral fellow for research work in rheumatology/autoimmunity are welcome. Recruitment for postgraduate studentship under Department of Biomedical Sciences, or its interdisciplinary PhD programme with Veterinary Sciences are open. Please send your CV and summary of past research experience to Dr Temy Mok: temy.mok@cityu.edu.hk.