Prof. Jufang He (賀菊方教授)

BEng, MEng (Harbin Inst Tech), DrMedSci (Tokushima, Japan), DrEng (Tokyo, Japan)

Chair Professor of Neuroscience

Prof. Jufang He

Contact Information

Office: P6308, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building
Phone: +852 3442-7042
Fax: +852 3442-0549
Web: Personal Homepage
CityU Scholars

Research Interests

  • Neuroscience: Hearing, Memory and Attention

Prof. He obtained a B.Eng. and M.Eng. degree in Engineering at the Harbin Institute of Technology, a Doctoral Degree in Medical Science at the University of Tokushima, and a second Doctoral Degree in Engineering at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Before joining the Department in September 2013, Prof. He had worked at RIKEN (Japan), University of Tokushima, and Advanced Research Laboratory of HITACHI Ltd altogether for 5 years, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) for 15 years.

Prof. He combines electrophysiological, anatomical, and engineering approaches to answer fundamental questions of hearing, and learning and memory. The works from Prof. He’s laboratory have been mainly published in The Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neurophysiology, and The Journal of Physiology. Currently, Prof. He’s lab has focused their energy on investigating the mechanism of memory encoding in the neocortex. How the medial temporal lobe participates in the encoding and retrieval of long-term neocortical memory? How the prefrontal cortex involves in attention and in maintaining the short-term memory in the neocortex? Besides Neurobiology, Prof. He has developed an electronic “bat ear” for people with visual impairments and a “motolink” for bypassing the spinal cord injury. Prof. He is directing a collaborative team between CAS and CityU for developing a memory drug.

Prof. He’s research activities have been supported by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council, Ministry of Science and Technology, Natural Science Foundation of China, Innovation and Technology Fund, and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Prof. He has been awarded the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship (2009/2010). His joint research team was selected as one of the CAS-Hong Kong joint laboratories and jointly supported by Croucher Foundation and CAS.

Representative Publications

  • Li X, Yu K, Zhang Z, Sun W, Yang Z, Feng J, Chen X, Liu C, Wang H, Guo Y, He J* (2013) Cholecystokinin from the Entorhinal Cortex Enables Neural Plasticity in the Auditory Cortex. Cell Research.
  • Chen X, Guo Y, Liao Z, Li X, Wang H, Li X, He J* (2013) Encoding and Retrieval of Artificial Visuo-Auditory Memory Traces in Auditory Cortex Needs Entorhinal Cortex. The Journal of Neuroscience 33:9963-9974.
  • Wang LH, Wang LL, Huang WH, Su HX, Xue YT, Su ZH, Liao BJ, Wang HT, Bao XC, Qin DJ, He JF, Wu WT, So KF, Pan GJ, Pei DQ (2013) Generation of integration-free neural progenitor cells from cells in human urine. Nature Methods 10:84-89.
    Our contribution to the paper was the evaluation of the differentiated neurons using patch-clamp recording (Fig. 4). Highlighted by Nature News “Brain cells made from urine”
  • Chan CCH, Wong AWK, Ting KH, Whitefield-Gabrieli S, He JF, Lee TMC (2012) Cross Auditory-Spatial Learning in Early Blind Individuals, Human Brain Mapping 33:2714-2727.
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