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Title Name Position Email Telephone Office
Dr LAU C. K. Terrence (劉智剛博士) Acting Head
Associate Professor
Email 3442-9327 TYB-1B-202
Dr WANG Xin (王鑫博士) Associate Head
Assistant Head (Postgraduate Education)
Associate Professor
Email 3442-2367 TYB-1B-102
Dr DENG Xin (鄧新博士) Assistant Head (Research)
Associate Professor
Email 3442-5693 TYB-1B-106
Dr KIM Jin Young (金眞英博士) Assistant Head (Undergraduate Education)
Assistant Professor
Email 3442-4309 TYB-1B-208
Prof. Sir BLAKEMORE Colin B. Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor of Neuroscience
Senior Fellow (IAS)
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-2747 AEB-001
Prof. CHENG Shuk Han (鄭淑嫻教授) Chair Professor of Molecular Medicine (BMS & MSE)
Director of Laboratory Safety and Risk Management (OVP(RT))
Email 3442-9027 TYB-1B-207
Prof. HE Jufang (賀菊方教授) Wong Chun Hong Chair Professor of Translational Neuroscience & Chair Professor of Neuroscience
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-7042 YEUNG-P6308
Prof. LI Ying (李嬰教授) Chair Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-2669 YEUNG-P6322
Prof. LU Jian (呂堅教授) Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering (BMS, MNE & MSE)
Vice-President (RT)
Dean (SGS)
Director (CASM & NPMM)
Senior Fellow (IAS)
Email 3442-6847 CYC-5107
Prof. YANG Mengsu (Michael) (楊夢甦教授) Yeung Kin Man Chair Professor of Biomedical Sciences Email 3442-7797 TYB-1A-107
Prof. HE Mingliang (何明亮教授) Professor Email 3442-4492 TYB-1A-202
Prof. SCHNUPP Jan Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-9186 TYB-2-316
Dr HUANG Linfeng (黃林峰博士) Associate Professor Email 3442-4828 TYB-1A-210
Dr MA C. H. Eddie (馬智謙博士) Associate Professor
Director (LARU)
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-9328 TYB-1B-107
Dr MOK M. Y. Temy (莫慕賢醫生/博士) Associate Professor Email 3442-2714 TYB-1A-102
Dr YAO Xi (姚希博士) Associate Professor Email 3442-4829 TYB-1A-206
Dr YUE Jianbo (岳劍波博士) Associate Professor Email 3442-2812 TYB-1A-209
Dr ZHENG Zongli (鄭宗立博士) Associate Professor Email 3442-2199 TYB-1A-207
Dr BAN Kiwon (潘基沅博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-7477 TYB-1B-205
Dr CHAN K. H. Katie (陳紀行博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-6661 TYB-1A-313
Dr CHAN Kui Ming (陳居明博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-4346 TYB-1B-206
Dr CHIN Y. M. Rebecca (錢玥明博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-6743 TYB-1A-103
Dr CHOW Kwan Ting (周筠庭博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-4395 TYB-1A-312
Dr LAU C. Y. Geoffrey (劉俊宇博士) Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-4345 TYB-1B-203
Dr LEE Youngjin (李永鎮博士) Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-4313 TYB-1A-205
Dr LO P. C. Gigi (盧沛芝博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-4493 TYB-1A-203
Dr SHI Jiahai (史家海博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-2481 TYB-1B-108
Dr TANG Shaojun (唐少軍) Assistant Professor Email 3442-9187 TYB-1B-110
Dr XIONG Wenjun (熊文君博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-2494 TYB-1B-103
Dr YAN Jian (嚴健博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-9078 TYB-1B-109
Dr YANG Sungchil (楊聖七博士) Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience
Email 3442-2356 TYB-1B-105
Dr YUAN H. Y. Sean (阮相宇博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-6660 TYB-1A-311
Dr ZHANG Liang (張亮博士) Assistant Professor Email 3442-4495 TYB-1B-210

3 July 2020