BMS Research Gala 2017

The BMS Department held its second annual Research Gala at the Hong Kong Science Park on 5 June 2017. This year, there were over 80 poster presentations by students and staff members, and due to space limitations were split into 2 sessions. More than 130 BMS colleagues and students attended the Gala this year. Lots of exciting talks and interactions filled the day, and at the end we were rewarded with a nice dinner at one of the Chinese restaurants.

The second BMS Research Gala took place at the Hong Kong Science Park on 5 June 2017.

Prof. Michael Yang delivered a closing speech to all participants.

This year, a total of 10 poster awards were given to students and staff. The winning posters are now displayed on one of the walls in the BMS labs. Congratulations to all the awardees!

Research Students
Bennett Ngan Pan AU (Supervisor: Dr Eddie MA)
Bing CAO (Supervisor: Prof. Ying LI)
Di GAO (Supervisor: Dr Gigi LO)
Firaol Tamiru KEBEDE (Supervisor: Dr Zongli ZHENG)
Abhimanyu THAKUR (Supervisor: Dr Youngjin LEE)
Fangjing XIE (Supervisor: Prof. Shuk Han CHENG)
Xiaoxuan ZHU (Supervisor: Dr Ming CHAN)

Research Staff
Suihong HUANG (Supervisor: Dr Jinyoung KIM)
Sunghun LEE (Supervisor: Dr Kiwon BAN)
Shuyi MAI (Supervisor: Dr Wenjun XIONG)

Prof. Michael Yang (sixth from left) and Dr Ming Chan (seventh from left) with the winners of the Best Poster Award (from left) Abhimanyu Thakur, Suihong Huang, Bennett Au Ngan Pan, Bing Cao, Di Gao, Firaol Tamiru Kebede, Sunghun Lee, Fangjiang Xie, Shuyi Mai and Xiaoxuan Zhu.

1 August 2017