A Technology Developed by Professor Shuk Han Cheng Won Grand Prix at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva

(From left) Professor Shuk Han Cheng, Mr Eric Chen Zixiang, Mr Jimmy Tao (Managing Director of Vitargent), Dr Xueping Chen, Mr Chun-ying Leung (Chief Executive of HKSAR), Mr Jeffrey Cheung (Co-founder of Vitargent) and Professor Way Kuo (President) at the Chief Executive’s reception.

A Grand Prix at the world famous International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva was bestowed upon the technology of testing toxins using fish embryos. This technology was originally developed by Prof Shuk Han Cheng, a BMS faculty member, and her research team.

Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited, a company set up by graduates Mr Eric Chen Zixiang and Dr Xueping Chen of the College of Science and Engineering of CityU, which commercialized this technology, has been awarded the prize.

This major achievement has drawn wide attention from media and was also mentioned in the blog of the HKSAR Chief Executive. A collection of media coverage can be found below:

Diploma of the award listing Professor Shuk Han Cheng as a co-inventor.

無綫新聞 – 本港公司以魚胚胎驗毒 奪發明展大獎 – 2015/04/19

TVB Pearl – Local company was awarded the Grand prize in Geneva international exhibition of invention – 2015/04/19 (from 16:51)

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蘋果日報 – 螢光魚測毒 港技術奪國際獎 可驗食物化妝品 – 2015/04/20

東方日報 – 斑馬魚胚胎測毒 港企奪國際大獎 – 2015/04/20

太陽報 – 斑馬魚測毒 港企奪發明獎 – 2015/04/20

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11 May 2015