Research Projects

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF) Projects - 2020-21

Project Title Investigator(s) from BME
1 Engineering functional skeletal muscle sheets for bionic applications Dr CHEN Ting-Hsuan
2 RRR2: Reconfigurable Revolving Wing Robot with Modular Multi-Locomotion Dr CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong
3 Plasmonic Nanosensors and Antennas for Signal Transduction and Energy Harvesting for Biomedical Microrobots Prof DONG Lixin
4 Cooperative control of networked multiple dynamical systems with unbounded transmission delays and its application Prof FENG Gang
5 Automation of a Viscoelasticity Microcytometer for High-Throughput Biomechanical Phenotyping of Floating Cancer Cells Dr LAM Raymond Hui-Wai
6 Microrobotic System for High-Precise Micro Helical Structure Fabrication Dr SHEN Yajing
7 Intracellular Biopsy based microRNA Profiling for Dissecting the Temporal Dynamics of Cellular Heterogeneity Prof SHI Peng
8 Investigation of an excitatory nucleo-pontine-cortical feedback pathway in cerebellum-mediated associative motor learning Dr TIN Chung
9 Engineering osteogenesis with hypertrophic chondrocytes in tissue-engineered cartilaginous template for rudimentary bone formation Prof WANG Dongan
10 Development of fast-scanning hyperspectral optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy Dr WANG Lidai
11 Development of highly swellable microneedle skin patches for skin interstitial fluid sampling and in situ transdermal biosensing Dr XU Chenjie
12 Skin-Integrated Sensing and Haptic Feedback Electronics for Health Monitoring and Sudden Illnesses Early Warning Dr YU Xinge

Last modified on 7 July, 2020