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A Remotely Controlled Floating Robot for Targeted Drug Delivery

21 MAY 2019

A soft robot with wings and shaped like a ‘flying whale’ developed by researchers at Dartmouth College and Dr. SHI Peng of CityU has proven to enable programmed drug delivery to targeted cells. This plane-like swimming robot is a combination of cardiac tissue engineering and 3D printing with photosensitive hydrogels, and can change its mechanical structure to control its motion status.

With its wings coated with a light-sensitive hydrogel, the minuscule 3D-printed robot's tail is covered with a layer of heart muscle cells. The tail is able to move upward and downward, and the robot can propel in a liquid environment. Researchers also control start-stop motion of the robot via optical stimulation. This novel design of biohybrid soft robots is believed to open pathways for the development of the next‐generation multifunctional and intelligent soft robotic systems.

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Last modified on 21 May, 2019