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Award Winning Presentation in RoboSoft 2019

Award Winning Presentation in RoboSoft 2019
Dr. CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong (left) and Mr. SHU Jing (right)
2 MAY 2019

Congratulations to Mr. SHU Jing (MTE student) and Dr. CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong on receiving the Best Late Breaking Result Award in the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft). The award winning entry was called "A Pill Bug-Inspired Foldable Quadrotor".

The entry demonstrates a novel bio-inspired design of a micro aerial vehicle or drone. Similar to Armadillidiidae insects that roll into a ball as a key defensive behavior against predation, the presented origami-inspired drone employs a foldable mechanism as a method to protect its central sensitive components upon collision. The developed prototype successfully demonstrates the desired protective fold when passively activated by a mid-flight collision.

The Late Breaking Results Session aims at giving opportunity to participants to present their recent results in soft robotics, and is ideal for researchers to get feedback on their work prior to submitting it for formal publication.

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Last modified on 2 May, 2019