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News and events listed before 1 July 2018 involved staff and students under the former Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

9 SEP 2020 – Virtual Industrial Day, 11 September 2020

Virtual Industrial Day

The Virtual Industrial Day jointly organized by The College of Engineering and the Federation of Hong Kong Industries will be held on 11 September 2020 (Friday). The objective of this online event is to foster research collaboration between industry and the University for developing innovative technologies as well as nurturing career opportunities. Faculty research projects and startup projects will be showcased to the industry and the public.

Please join this special event and the virtual tours. More information can be found at:

Press coverage:
(15 Sep 2020) 工總城大合辦虛擬工業日 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(14 Sep 2020) FHKI and CityU to strengthen medical Industry and Academia connection [Bio Spectrum Asia]

26 AUG 2020 - New Student Orientation

The Department has organized the New Student Orientation for welcoming new students of BEng Biomedical Engineering and MSc Biomedical Engineering in real-time online format via Zoom on 26 August and 28 August 2020 respectively.

More details of the award can be found at:

20 AUG 2020 – Task Force to Study mHealth and Wearable Technologies for Fighting COVID-19 Pandemic

An International Task Force involving Professor Zhang Yuanting and cerebro-cardiovascular health engineering experts from CityU led by the team of Harvard Medical School has conducted a study to review mHealth and wearable technologies and concluded that such technologies can be used to monitor COVID-19 patients and predict symptom escalation for earlier intervention.

Prof. Zhang is the coordinator of the health engineering team at CityU. The Task Force also consisted of experts from Wyss Institute at Harvard University, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts General Hospital, etc. The study entitled “Can mHealth Technology Help Mitigate the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic?” is published in the August 2020 issue of IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology.

Press coverage:
(20 Aug 2020) CityU joining international study on roles of wearable and mHealth technologies in COVID-19 pandemic
(7 Aug 2020) Can mHealth Technology Help Mitigate the Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

8 AUG 2020 - OCSMRM Young Investigator Award 2020

Congratulations to Mr. HUANG Jianpan, PhD student of Dr. Kannie CHAN, for being awarded the 2nd Place of Young investigator Award (YIA) in the Annual Meeting of Overseas Chinese Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (OCSMRM) on 8-13 August 2020.

More details of the award can be found at:

3 AUG 2020 - MWLC Appoints Prof. Dongan WANG as Head of Research

Congratulations to Prof. Dongan WANG on being appointed as Head of Research for Ming Wai Lau Centre for Reparative Medicine (MWLC) of Karolinska Institutet (KI), Hong Kong, part-time from 1 August 2020.

This honorary appointment of Prof Wang will further strengthen the research at MWLC within bioengineering and biotechnology and facilitate the academic and scientific community in Hong Kong and deepen the research collaborations.

More details can be found at

24 JUL 2020 - Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong

Intelligent Robotics

A recent joint research by Dr. King LAI of the department and Prof Wenping Wang from HKU with title 'Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong' has brought remarkable changes to improve the quality of life of older adults in Hong Kong, a rapidly aging society.

These personalized wearable robots are integrated with intelligent sensors to improve the mobility and manipulability of elderly people or people in need, and will be evaluated for continuous improvement. The study is one of the projects funded by the University Grants Council (UGC) in the Theme-based Research Scheme 2020/21 under "Theme 4: Advancing Emerging Research and Innovations Important to Hong Kong".

Press coverage:
(23 Jul 2020) 港大城大研可穿戴式機械人改善長者步行 [TOPick]
(23 Jul 2020) 港大城大獲撥款3,900萬 研可「着上身」機械人 [Apple Daily]
(24 Jul 2020) 兩大研「穿戴式」機械人助長者無柺杖走路 [文匯報]
(24 Jul 2020) 「穿戴」機器人助長者行走 [LionRock Daily]
(24 Jul 2020) 研資局撥款2.3億資助七科研項目 [大公報]
(23 Jul 2020) 城大及港大合作的助老智能機械人系統研究 [HK01]
(16 Jul 2020) Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong [UGC]

16 JUL 2020 - CityU Outstanding Research Award 2020

Congratulations to Dr. LIU Lu for being awarded the Outstanding Research Awards for Junior Faculty in the CityU Outstanding Research Award 2020, together with Dr. Xi YAO from Biomedical Sciences. The Outstanding Research Awards will be conferred to Professor Henry CHUNG from Department of Electrical Engineering and Professor Kai H LIM from Department of Information Systems.

The award is set up to recognize the outstanding research achievements of faculty members. The award will be presented at the University Congregation. More information about the award is available at

11 JUN 2020 - Intracellular Biopsy Technique for Fast MicroRNAs Profiling in Living Cells

The capability to profile small RNAs responsible for post-transcriptional regulation of genes expression is essential for molecular identification and characterization of cellular phenotypes. However, compared to long RNA, the quantification of small RNA, such as microRNAs (miRNA), in live cells is still challenging. A group led by Prof. SHI Peng develops an intracellular biopsy technique for fast, multiplexed and highly-sensitive profiling of miRNAs.

The technique employs an array of diamond nanoneedles that are functionalized with size-dependent RNA-binding-proteins, working as the "fishing rods" to directly pull multiple miRNA targets out of cytoplasm while keeping the cells alive, thus enabling quasi-single-cell miRNA analysis. Each nanoneedle works as a separated reaction chamber for parallel in-situ amplification, visualization and quantification of miRNAs as low as femtomolar, which is sufficient to detect miRNAs of a single copy intracellular abundance. The technique is also specific to single-nucleotide variation by discriminating closely-related miRNA sequences. Using the new RNA profiling technique, the research team analyzed the temporal miRNA transcriptome over the differentiation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) towards motor neurons. The combinatorial miRNA expression patterns derived by inCell-Biopsy identifies defined cell subpopulations resulted from ESC differentiation, and also reveals the dynamic evolution of cellular heterogeneity.

The findings were recently published in the scientific journal Science Advances, titled "High-throughput intracellular biopsy of microRNAs for dissecting the temporal dynamics of cellular heterogeneity".

Press coverage:
(10 Jun 2020) Intracellular Biopsy Technique For Fast MicroRNAs Profiling In Living Cells [Scienmag]
(10 Jun 2020) Intracellular Biopsy Technique For Fast MicroRNAs Profiling In Living Cells []

8 JUN 2020 - Teaching Excellence Award 2020 and Nominations for the UGC Teaching Award 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Kannie CHAN, for being one of the six winners of the Teaching Excellence Award (TEA) in CityU this year. Dr. Chan shared that communication is the key to understand students’ aspirations, and this enables her to guide them to identify their goals and the ways to achieve them. She also encouraged her students to always find out the real causes behind their failure and to learn from their problems which are common in the research procress.

Since 1993, the TEA has been honouring outstanding teachers and promoting their exceptional teaching methods. Winners are also nominated for consideration of the UGC Teaching Award 2020.

Press coverage:
(8 Jun 2020) Award-winning CityU educators inspire students to serve society [CityU NewsCentre]

30 MAY 2020 - Technology of Making Meltblown Nonwoven Fabrics

Prof. HU Jinlian

Respiratory masks are the real frontline defence for medical workers and public during the time of this COVID-19 outbreak. It plays a major role to prevent and lessen the chance of disease transmission from person to person in the form of aerosols or droplets. Current pandemic situation has spurred the demand of making respiratory masks to new heights. People nowadays have been deeply concerned with both the supply chain and the quality of face masks materials hoping to prevent infections and save lives effectively. Prof. HU Jinlian shared her views and made effort in production of Meltblown Nonwoven fabrics.

Press coverage:
(8 Jun 2020) Pure Living launches the first Hong Kong-developed melt-blown fabric production machine to support the Hong Kong community [First Report]
(30 May 2020) [Interview] The local science and technology forces must develop a melt-blown cloth machine [The Limited Times]
(29 May 2020) 【專訪】本地科創力量 千萬開發熔噴布機 香港將可一條龍產口罩 [HK01]

22 MAY 2020 - Battery-less Soft Millirobot for Future Biomedical Sensing

A recent research work led by the team of Dr. Yajing SHEN and Dr. Zhengbao YANG, jointly operated among BME and MNE departments of CityU, developed a battery-less soft millirobot that can move, sense, and communicate remotely by coupling the magnetic and piezoelectric effects. On the basis of the previous work “caterpillar robot”, the team integrated a power generation unit within a thin multi-layer film (<0.5 mm), i.e., a lower magnetic composite limb decorated with multiple feet imparts locomotion and a flexible piezoceramic composite film recoveries energy simultaneously.

Under a trigger of external magnetic guidance, the robot can achieve remote locomotion, environment sensing, and wireless communication with no requirement of any on-board battery or wired power supply. The authors expect this research could promote the development and applications of untethered millirobot in biomedical sensing, such as in-body monitoring and diagnosis. The research has been published on the journal Advanced Science with title 'Battery-less soft millirobot that can move, sense, and communicate remotely by coupling the magnetic and piezoelectric effects'.

Press coverage:
(26 Jun 2020) 毛毛虫微型机器人研发成功,可用于携带药物进入人体内 [中國電子網]
(3 Jun 2020) Design of robust superhydrophobic surfaces [Nature]
(3 Jun 2020) 微型軟體機器人在體內/體外生物醫學研究中具備廣泛應用 [电子说]
(22 May 2020) 香港城大研制毫米级軟體機器人,將開拓生物醫學檢測和監察新應用 [XianJiChina]
(16 May 2020) Battery-less soft millirobot that can move, sense, and communicate remotely by coupling the magnetic and piezoelectric effects [Advanced Science]

18 MAY 2020 - Next Generation Wearable Electronics

A recent research work led by the team of Dr. Xinge YU and researchers from the Northwestern University and Huston University has successfully developed a blow-spinning technique that enables realizing 3D-inorganic nanofiber network (FN) films, including transparent metal oxide conducting & semiconducting materials and metallic materials. The resulted FN films exhibit great stretchability, and can be integrated with thin soft substrate for wearable sensors to monitor toxic gases, UV irradiation, strain, pressure, temperature, humidity, body movement and respiratory functions. By choosing proper FN materials, the corresponding electronics devices exhibit excellent sensitivity, response time, and detection limits, thereby making them promising candidates for next generation wearable electronics. The study has been published by the journal Nature Communications with title 'Flexible and stretchable metal oxide nanofiber networks for multimodal and monolithically integrated wearable electronics'.

Press coverage:
(20 Aug 2020) 看出個未來: 未來資產: 數據, EP19, [TVB] (starting from 13:35)
(15 May 2020) Flexible and stretchable metal oxide nanofiber networks for multimodal and monolithically integrated wearable electronics [nature]

14 MAY 2020 - New and Non-invasive Way to Detect Alzheimer's Disease Early

New and Non-invasive Way to Detect Alzheimer's Disease Early

Dr. Kannie W.Y. CHAN and her team have collaborated with researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States and developed a new, non-invasive way to detect Alzheimer’s disease at early stages. In this preclinical study, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is used to trace glucose in the lymphatic system of mouse brains, as abnormal clearance rate of lymphatic system is associated with early pathology of Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Chan pointed out that this approach can be translated robustly into clinical arena, since both natural glucose and MRI machines are commonly-used in clinics and hospitals. Early identification and intervention of Alzheimer’s disease can halt or slow down its progression into a devastating stage that affects the daily life of patients. The research team hope that further investigations in humans could support further clinical trials towards a non-invasive way to screen for Alzheimer's disease.

Press coverage:
(15 May 2020) 城大新技術 及早識別老人癡呆症 [Oriental Daily News]
(15 May 2020) Glucose-measuring Imaging Technique May Identify the Early Stages of Alzheimer's [Technology Networks]
(15 May 2020) 城大新成像法 早10年發現腦退化 [Startup Beat]
(15 May 2020) 城大新成像法 早10年發現腦退化 [Hong Kong Economic Journal]
(15 May 2020) 城大新招測早期無症狀腦退化 [Wen Wei Po]
(14 May 2020) Breakthrough technology indicates earlier detection for Alzheimer’s disease [CityU NewsCentre]
(14 May 2020) Early detection of Alzheimer's disease with dynamic MR measurement of glucose in brain [DOTmed]
(14 May 2020) New MRI technique for early detection of Alzheimer's [Healthcare In Europe]
(14 May 2020) MRI monitoring of brain glucose levels may help detect Alzheimer’s disease [Physicsworld]
(14 May 2020) New Alzheimer's analysis may detect disease up to 10 years before symptoms [South China Morning Post]
(14 May 2020) 城大研磁力共振成像法測早期阿茲海默症 [Ta Kung Pao]
(14 May 2020) 城大團隊研發非入侵方式助早期診斷阿茲海默症 [CRHK]
(14 May 2020) 城大研發非侵入式方法有助早期檢測阿茲海默症 [RTHK]
(13 May 2020) Early detection of Alzheimer's disease with dynamic MRI measurement of glucose in brain [Medical Xpress]
(13 May 2020) 檢測早期阿茲海默症新方法︰動態磁力共振掃描大腦葡萄糖水平 [eurekalert中文]
(29 July 2020) 有一種忘記 陳葦恩 [Eastweek] 2020-07-29 A022-025 人物傳奇

12 MAY 2020 - The New Micro-rocket Robot

The study of Dr. Yajing SHEN and Dr. Lidai WANG on the usage of micro/nanorobots on drug delivery and tumor treatment in the human body has broadened the scope of microrobotic applications in the biomedical field, and brought new insights to microrobot design, actuation, and tracking in the blood environment. In the article 'Micro-rocket robot with all-optic actuating and tracking in blood' in the journal Light: Science & Applications, Dr. Shen and Dr. Wang discussed how these microrobots overcome various challenges in moving in the bloodstream of the human body.

Press coverage:
(11 May 2020) Micro-rocket robot with all-optic actuating and tracking in blood [Light: Science & Applications]

13 MAR 2020 - Fabric for Face Masks

The widespread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused the number of cases and deaths to climb in Hong Kong and many countries. People nowadays have been deeply concerned both the supply chain and the quality of face masks hoping to prevent infections and save lives. Prof. HU Jinlian shared her views in production of Meltblown Non-woven Fabric, which is an important material for production of face masks.

Press coverage:
(30 May 2020) [Interview] The local science and technology forces must develop a melt-blown cloth machine [The Limited Times]
(29 May 2020) 【專訪】本地科創力量 千萬開發熔噴布機 香港將可一條龍產口罩 [HK01]
(6 May 2020) 打一場看不見的戰爭 [Eastweek A020-023 人物傳奇]
(25 Mar 2020) [Hong Kong masks] The local Nissan up to 2.66 million in May is estimated to be enough for Hong Kong workers [newsrnd]
(14 Mar 2020) [New Crown Pneumonia] Hong Kong homemade mask filter? CityU Professor: Already contacted by me [newsrnd]
(14 Mar 2020) 【新冠肺炎】香港自製口罩濾芯? 城大教授:已有公司聯絡我 [香港01]
(13 Mar 2020) 【新冠肺炎】熔噴不織布全球缺貨 城大教授:香港有條件生產 [香港01]

18 DEC 2019 - CIC Construction Innovation Award 2019

Congratulations to Dr. King W. C. LAI and his team, including Dr. Keng Huat KOH and Mr. Musthafa FARHAN, on winning the "Construction Sustainability 1st Prize" in the CIC Construction Innovation Award 2019 for the collaboration project with Towngas entitled "Smart Riser Jacket and Robotic System".

Dr. LAI and his team are invited to attend the Construction Innovation Expo Grand Opening Ceremony and they shared their project entitled “Smart Riser Jacket and Robotic System” in the CIC Construction Innovation Award Presentation Ceremony and Technical Seminar 2019 on 18 December 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Jacketing Robot is a custom-built robotic system to install the Smart Riser Jacket on the corroded gas pipes that are installed at the façade of the building. The robot can be lifted to the position of the corroded pipe by the lifting device, and the rusted surface will be removed, and finally the smart riser jacket will be installed. Operators only need to remotely control the robot at the ground station, which eliminates the risk of working at height while using the traditional pipe replacement method.

The robot has already been tested and used in different locations, including Tai Kok Tsui and Wong Tai Sin, in Hong Kong.

4 DEC 2019 - Prof Gary FENG as one of the Highly Cited Researchers

Congratulations to Prof. Gary FENG, one of the nine faculty members of the College, for being named the Highly Cited Researchers 2019 in recognizing their exceptional achievements and significant influence through the publication of multiple papers in the last decade. Prof. FENG has been named as Highly Cited Researchers during 2016-2019.

Scholars who are named Highly Cited Researchers are scientists and social scientists who have produced the greatest number of Highly Cited Papers. In the 2019 Highly Cited Researchers analysis, Highly Cited Papers are defined as those ranked in the top 1% by citations for field and publication year during 2008-2018 in the Web of Science.

More information can be found at:

Electronic Skin for Haptic Interfaces

20 NOV 2019 – Adding Sense of Touch to VR Experience

A recent study led by the team of Dr. Xinge YU and researchers from the Northwestern University has successfully developed a new thin, wireless system that enables users to experience sense of touch to any virtual reality (VR) experience. This technology also provides prosthetics with sensory feedback and imparts telemedicine with a human touch, and has a great application potential in communications, prosthetic control and rehabilitation, as well as gaming and entertainment.

Dr. YU is the first author of the paper titled "Skin-integrated wireless haptic interfaces for virtual and augmented reality" in the journal Nature. According to Dr. YU, this "epidermal VR" system is a device that communicates touch through a fast programmable, millimeter-scale actuators through each generates a discrete sense of touch at a corresponding location on the skin. Users having video chatting from different locations can reach out and virtually touch each other, though the touch will have a very short time delay and with pressures and patterns controlled through the touchscreen interface.

Press coverage:
(Jan 2020 issue) New sense with new 'skin' [CityU Today]
(17 Jan 2020) Electronic skin for haptic interfaces’ jointly developed by City University of Hong Kong – light, tight and battery-free []
(10 Dec 2019) 香港城市大學成功研發輕薄、無需電池的「觸覺電子皮膚」 []
(8 Dec 2019) Soon Sense a Hug over the Phone with a Wirelessly-Controlled Wearable Skin-Integrated Haptic VR Device [Before It's News]
(4 Dec 2019) 城大電子皮膚令義肢具觸感 [StartUpBeat]
(4 Dec 2019) 城大研觸覺電子皮膚 為義肢者帶來新觸感 []
(4 Dec 2019) 城大研發「電子皮膚」 助義肢用者感應觸覺 [Sing Tao Daily]
(4 Dec 2019) 城大研電子皮膚 觸覺刺激傳人體 [Oriental Daily News]
(4 Dec 2019) 城大跨院校團隊研電子皮膚傳遞觸覺 [Lion Rock Daily]
(3 Dec 2019) 夥外國大學研電子皮膚 助義肢使用者感受觸感 []
(3 Dec 2019) 'Electronic skin for haptic interfaces' – light, tight and battery-free [CityU NewsCentre]
(22 Nov 2019) 在虛擬世界感受觸覺:新研究登上Nature,《頭號玩家》場景實現且不用插電 [中國網]
(20 Nov 2019) Skin-integrated wireless haptic interfaces for virtual and augmented reality [Nature Research]
(20 Nov 2019) 新型可穿戴的皮膚集成觸感VR裝置可無線操控及供電 [eurekalert]
(20 Nov 2019) 'Epidermal VR' gives technology a human touch [Science Daily]

7 NOV 2019 – Disease Curing Nanorobots

The research team led by Prof SUN Dong has successfully deployed drug-carrying tiny robots to control the spread of cancerous tumours in mice. These cell-sized tiny robots, with just one billionth of a metre wide, are widely used in health care applications. Prof Sun believes that these nanorobots have a good potential to cure human diseases in near future as Hong Kong has advanced medical and robotic technologies to solve the technical challenges ahead.

Press coverage:
(10 Nov 2019) These tiny robots are turning science fiction into medical reality []
(7 Nov 2019) Nanorobots on track to revolutionise disease treatment, making 1960s sci-fi movie a reality within a decade [SCMP]

29 OCT 2019 – Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macao)

Congratulations to Dr. Yajing SHEN on receiving the Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macao), which is the first time for the National Natural Science Foundation of China to be opened for young scholars from the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions. Each shortlisted scholar will receive a grant of 1.3 million yuan (US$194,000) over three years to conduct research in the fields of science and technology.

Dr. Shen’s study is focusing on using the bioinspired multi-legged soft millirobots to deliver time-scheduled drugs or carry out medical inspection inside the human body. Such robots can carry heavy loads and is adaptable to adverse environments. He is glad that the central government is offering more resources and research funding in support of Hong Kong and Macao’s development in the natural science sector.

Press coverage:
(4 Apr 2020) 香港城市大学三位青年科学家荣获2019年国家优秀青年科学基金 [大众新闻网]
(26 Mar 2020) 香港城市大学三位青年科学家荣获2019年国家优秀青年科学基金 [中华网]
(1 Nov 2019) 每人資助145萬醫學生命科學研究「吃香」 21港學者獲優青基金顯國家關懷 [Ta Kung Pao]
(29 Oct 2019) 「過河」優青基金 港大「豐收」 25港澳學者獲選 資金可用以聘研究員升港科研水平 [Wen Wei Pao]
(29 Oct 2019) 優秀青年科學基金 港大7人入選最多 國家首次試點開放獲獎可得130萬人幣 [Lion Rock Daily]

29 OCT 2019 – Tea Gathering for New Research Students

The Department has organised a tea gathering on 29 October 2019 afternoon at CityU to welcome new Research Students as well as to offer opportunities for senior students and graduates to share their research and job seeking experience with their younger fellows.

Prof. Dong SUN gave his welcome remarks to the audience. Prof. Wang Dongan, Research Degree Coordinator of the Department, introduced key information of the Research Degree Programme. An alumni and a senior year student from our PhD programme were invited to share their experience and challenges they faced with their fellow schoolmates. The gathering ended with fruitful exchanges among faculty members and students.

For details, please refer to the photo album.

Merit Award

24 OCT 2019 – Students Excelled in HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition Award 2019

Congratulations to the group of LAM Yan Lok, LEE Pang Kam and UTOMO William Budi, who have won the Merit Award and a scholarship of HK$3,000 from the HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition Award 2019. Under Dr. Chung TIN's supervision, the group has done good research in their final year project entitled 'Comparative study of supervised learning algorithms in predicting readmission in diabetic patients'.

The award, offered by the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Education Foundation (HKEIA), aims to recognize and reward students with outstanding projects which demonstrate excellence in technology and innovation. This year, two Merit Awards plus the Gold and Silver Award have been awarded to CityU engineering student groups.

For details about HKEIA, please visit

23 OCT 2019 – Scientific Agreement that Promotes Health Engineering

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) aiming at strengthening collaboration in health engineering was signed on 5 September 2019 by Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, and Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor at University of Oxford, on behalf of both institutions. A number of guests including Professor Yuanting ZHANG attended the signing ceremony.

Being one of the leading causes of death worldwide, cardiovascular disease (CVD) has claimed almost twice as many lives per year as cancer in 2018 according to the World Health Organisation. Healthcare technologies are therefore urgently needed to tackle the problem, technologies included are: wearable healthcare devices; flexible and stretchable sensors, medical and molecular imaging; and artificial intelligence (AI)-based approaches. Prof Zhang is excited that he can contribute his expertise in cardiovascular health informatics, and unobtrusive sensing and wearable devices to facilitate such an important collaboration with CityU and Oxford.

Press coverage:
(23 Oct 2019) 城大 X 牛津 共抗人類頭號殺手 治未病 推心腦血管健康工程研究 [東周網]
(9 Sep 2019) Scientific agreement will promote health engineering [CityU NewsCentre]

23 OCT 2019 - Prof Dongan WANG being admitted as a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry

Congratulations to Prof. Dongan WANG, for being admitted as a Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) recently. The Royal Society of Chemistry, a long-established chemical society in the United Kingdom, has the goal of "advancing the chemical sciences". The society gives the fellowship to scientists who have made major contributions to chemistry and other interface disciplines such as biological chemistry. The name of Fellows are published each year in The Times (London).

This fellowship award once again indicates the academic excellence of the BME department in CityU. For details about RSC, please visit the website at

17 OCT 2019 - Top Ten Technological Progress of Intelligent Manufacturing of China 2019

A project led by Professor SUN Dong named "Magnetic Control Microrobot Advanced Manufacturing System" by the Centre for Robotics and Automation was included in the "Top Ten Technological Progress of Intelligent Manufacturing of China 2019" by the Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance of CAST Member Societies. The prize was presented at the 2019 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference in Nanjing on 17 October 2019.

Press coverage:
(5 Nov 2019) CityU Bulletin No. 277 [CityU Bulletin]
(29 Sep 2019) 2019中国智能制造十大科技进展 [数字化企业网]

26 SEP 2019 - Prof. Gary FENG received the Outstanding Research Awards from CityU

Congratulations to Prof. Gary FENG on being awarded this year’s Outstanding Research Awards which is for recognizing and rewarding the excellence in research at the University.

Prof. Feng has outstanding achievement in applications of intelligent fuzzy control systems, nonlinear control systems and multi-agent control systems. He is glad that the University has provided research platforms to academics that enabled them to achieve their maximum capability, and rewarded their achievements and outstanding performance all along. He loves doing research with other experts and his PhD students, and enjoys making breakthroughs in his chosen research area. In addition to the conferment of the IEEE Fellowship, the Changjiang Chair Professorship (by China’s Ministry of Education) and the IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Outstanding Paper Award, Prof. Feng was also recognised as a highly cited researcher from 2016 to 2018 by Clarivate Analytics of Web of Science.

Press coverage:
(27 Sep 2019) 城大兩學者獲頒傑出研究獎 [Ta Kung Pao]
(26 Sep 2019) Outstanding faculty recognised by CityU research awards [CityU NewsCentre]

SEP 2019 - Summer Internship 2018-19

The Department provides various internship opportunities to enable students to get hands-on work related experience in the industry under the Summer Internship Scheme (SIS). In the summer of 2018-19, our students participated in their 8-week internship in a number of organizations.

These organizations include:

  1. Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan (Biomed Engineering Department)
  2. Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (Baptist Hospital Medical Equipment Maintenance Unit)
  3. Hospital Authority Head Office

We are pleased to have Dr. Kannie CHAN, Dr. KHOO Bee Luan, Dr. Raymond LAM, and Dr. Chung TIN as the supervisors who helped to monitor the work progress of the students and offer suggestions when problems arise, so as to ensure students are benefitting from their internship experience.

For details, please see the photo album.

12-16 AUG 2019 - 5-day Summer Exchange Program with Zhejiang University

Prof Jeff Bulte
Prof Dan Wu

Our Department jointly organized a 5-day Summer Exchange Program with the College of Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science of Zhejiang University (ZJU) during 12-16 August 2019. This exchange program aims to facilitate the intellectual exchange between students from CityU and ZJU. Over 50 participants worked together for a week on this year’s theme of ‘How to see our brain works?’ organized by Dr. Kannie W. Y. CHAN and faculty members from both universities.

During the workshop, students attended two seminars given by renowned overseas speakers about biomedical imaging, an AI workshop, visited key labs of the Department and presented interesting group projects at the end. Both students and faculties had rewarding experiences in this inspiring summer program.

8 AUG 2019 - Visit from Zhejiang University

Prof. ZHENG Ronghao (ZJU) and Dr. King LAI
The group had a close look at the Department’s latest lab equipment

A group of 35 undergraduate students and two faculty members of the College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University (ZJU) from Hanzhou of China visited the Department and its laboratories on 8 August 2019. During the visit, Dr. King W. C. LAI gave a brief introduction about the Department's Taught Postgraduate Programme and Research Degree Programmes to the group.

The delegation was arranged to visit the following laboratories in two groups, and they had fruitful exchanges about the latest advanced equipment.

  1. Bio-Imaging Lab
  2. Bio-Physical Measurement Lab
  3. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering Lab
  4. Micro-Fabrication Lab
  5. Robotics, Control & Biotechnology Research Lab

25 JUL 2019 -Best Poster Award for 19th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology

Miss Megan LI receiving the Best Poster Award
Miss Megan LI introducing her investigation to the participants

Congratulations to Miss Xiaoting Megan LI, PhD student under the supervision of Dr. King W. C. LAI, on winning the Best Poster Award for their paper entitled "Investigation of Ultra-Flexible Structure" at The 19th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology held in Macau during 22-26 July 2019.

More information of the conference is available at

3 JUL 2019 - CityU Team Ranked 5th in 2019 MATE International ROV Competition (University-level)

'Remotely operated vehicles' designed by contestants

Congratulations to the CityU team of undergraduate students on achieving Rank No. 5 in the 2019 MATE International ROV Competition under the supervision of Dr. Yajing SHEN, Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON, and faculty members from the EE Department. The MATE competition challenges students from various level all over the world to design and create their remotely operated vehicles (or ROVs) to cope with missions designed in scenarios from the ocean workplace.

The competition attracted 741 teams from 36 countries worldwide. Of the 70 teams from 19 countries in the international championship in the USA, the team won the fifth place among 25 teams in the Explorer Grade (University-level competition).

To participate in the competition, students are required to transform their teams into companies that produce, promote and sell their 'products' as if they are 'entrepreneurs'. They also need to prepare technical reports, poster displays and engineering presentations to be delivered to the competition judges who are working professionals.

More information about the competition is available at

28 JUN 2019 - Award-winning Final-Year Project in Student Project Exhibition 2019

BME students taking part in the SPE 2019 in CityU

Congratulations to Miss HUNG Shu Ting, who has won the Best Poster Presentation Award in the Student Project Exhibition (SPE) 2019 through her Final Year Project ‘Development of Wearable Smart Tee for Sitting Posture Detection’, under the supervision of Dr. King LAI.

The exhibition was jointly organized by the College of Engineering (CENG) and the College of Science (CSCI) during 26-27 June 2019 in CityU to showcase the talents and innovative discoveries of CityU students and teachers through a range of interactive demonstrations in STEM workshops, featured project and student project presentations. With the concerted effort of CENG, CSCI and academic departments concerned, the SPE has attracted more more than 500 visitors from secondary school students, teachers, parents and the general public.

The Best Poster Presentation Award was offered to recognize the most outstanding student project in each academic unit at the closing ceremony on 27 June 2019. The list of awardees and supervisors is shown below:

College of Engineering
Unit Project Title Project Supervisor(s) Project Representative(s)
ACE Vibration-Based Structural Model Updating of a Double-Layer Truss Dr Paul LAM MAN Shi Ching
BME Development of Wearable Smart Tee for Sitting Posture Detection Dr King LAI HUNG Shu Ting
BST Feasibility Study on an Alteration and Addition Project for Flatted Factories in Lai King Miss Conny WANG HONG Karhang James,
LEE Kin Fat,
TSE Kwan Kiu
CS Large Graph Mining: Subgraph Isomorphism Dr TAN Chee Wei HANG Ching Nam
EE Design and Development of a Quadruped Robot Dr Ricky LAU CHAN Sheung Long
MSE Detection of Riboflavin by Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor with Titanium Nitride and Nanostructure Prof Lawrence WU CHUNG Yui Cheung
MNE Developing a Non-Destructive Testing Device for Inspecting Rusty Steel Pipes within Concrete Wall Dr LUK Bing Lam CHOI Wai Ho Tom
SEEM Constructing Simulation Model for Light Rail Services in Hong Kong Dr Andy CHOW KWOK Oon Hei

College of Science
Unit Project Title Project Supervisor(s) Project Representative(s)
CHEM EGFP Knockdown Efficiency of Pro-siRNA Delivered by CPP-p19-RNase III Fusion Protein in HeLa Cells Dr HUANG Linfeng HE Shiyu
MA Approximating Multivariable Functions with Neural Networks Dr ZHANG Shun YU Duo
PHY Optimization of Properties of Aluminium-doped Zinc Oxide by Annealing at Different Temperature under Different Gas Environment Prof YU Kin Man CHAN Ka Ho

24 JUN 2019 - Prof Dong SUN elected Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

Prof Dong SUN elected Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

Professor Dong SUN, Head and Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, was inducted as Fellow into the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE), in recognition of his achievements in microrobotics for biological cell manipulation and cell surgery, as well as his other pioneer works in robotics and automation, during the ceremony which took place in Quebéc City on 21 June 2019, in conjunction with the Academy’s 2019 Annual General Meeting and Symposium.

CAE confers fellowships on individuals since 1987, which is to recognize their remarkable contributions to engineering in Canada, or countries in rest of the world. A CAE fellowship is regarded as one of the highest honours in engineering. Prof Sun is grateful that CAE has been a platform enabling him to contribute to robotics and biomedical engineering, and hopes to share his experience to enlighten young people to strive for excellence in their researches.

Prof Sun, joined CityU in 2000, is concurrently the Director of the university’s Centre for Robotics and Automation. Apart from nurturing research students and building up collaborations with industry, Prof Sun has been devoted to conduct research on precision medicine using technologies, and has invented the first magnetic 3D-printed microscopic robot in the world that is capable of carrying stem cells into the body to repair damaged tissue or treat tumours. This technology reduces the side effects that may be caused by drugs or drug resistance problems and can serve as an alternative to the traditional invasive surgery.

Press coverage:
(18 July 2019) CityU robotics and biomedical engineer elected Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering [China Daily Hong Kong Edition]
(24 June 2019) CityU robotics and biomedical engineer elected Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering [CityU News Centre]
(24 June 2019) 城大學者獲選加拿大工程院院士 [Sing Pao]
(24 June 2019) 城大孫東獲選加拿大工程院士 [Hong Kong Economic Journal]
(24 June 2019) 城大學者孫東膺加國工程院院士 [Wen Wei Po]
(24 June 2019) 城大教授孫東獲選加拿大工程院院士 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(24 June 2019) 城大學者獲選加國工程院士 [Lion Rock Daily]

9 JUN 2019 - Overseas Delegation to London

The UK Delegation 2019

The twelve-days annual delegation ‘HKIESC CityU - UK Delegation 2019’, organized by the HKIE City University of Hong Kong Student Chapter, was held during 29 May to 9 June 2019 in London of the UK with the participation of 20 CityU engineering students, including two from BME. The theme of the delegation this year is ‘Discovery, Innovation & Culture’.

During the visit, the group enjoyed presentations, competitions, field trips, cultural visits, company visits and exchanges with local students and experts. They had a good exposure on the background and development of engineering industry in the UK through visiting a number of famous spots, namely Imperial College London, BMW MINI Plant, Tower of London, The British Museum, The Brunel Museum, Winsor Castle, and Old Oak Common and Ilford Depots, etc.

Details about the HKIE Student Chapters established can be found at

Photos of the Delegation are available at

27-31 MAY 2019 - Study Tour to Singapore

Dr. TIN Chung presented a souvenir to a staff representative of NUS BIGHEART.

The study tour to Singapore that jointly organized by the IEEE-EMBS City University of Hong Kong Student Club and the Department was held during 27 to 31 May 2019. The tour, led by Dr. TIN Chung from the Department, aims to offer chances to BME students in learning the culture, advanced technologies in the healthcare sector, and exchanging with teachers and students of local academic institutions and medical technology companies in Singapore.

The institutes visited include:

  1. Biomedical Institute for Global Health Research and Technology (BIGHEART), National University of Singapore (NUS)
  2. Mechanobiology Institute (MBI), National University of Singapore (NUS)
  3. Division of Chemistry & Biological Chemistry, School of Physical & Mathematical Sciences (SPMS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

22 MAY 2019 - New Ultrafast Photography by Ordinary Optical Devices: Compressed Ultrafast Spectral-Temporal (CUST) Photography

Photon reflection recorded at 4-trillion frames per second by compressive ultrafast spectral-temporal (CUST) photography.

Dr. Lidai WANG of CityU and Professor CHEN Feng of Xi'an Jiaotong University have jointly developed the novel compressed ultrafast spectral-temporal (CUST) photography, which is a new imaging technique that can simultaneously achieve high frame rate, high frame number and high spectral resolution, and can offer an important tool for observing complex transient processes on the femtosecond (10-15second) timescale. It can also overcome the existing limitations in imaging speed, frame number and spectral resolution.

According to Dr. Wang, CUST is based on the principle of spectral-temporal coupling of femtosecond laser pulses. However, such ultrafast imaging system can be built with ordinary optical devices, therefore this technology can be widely used in an easier and much cheaper way, and can be commonly applied in research institutes. This study also enables researchers to acquire images of femtoseconds over a long period of time with a wide spectrum, and will facilitate the research of ultrafast processes in a wide range of applications in physics, chemistry and biology.

Press coverage:
(3 June 2019) 每秒4万亿帧 我科学家用超快摄像机捕获光的运动 [cnBeta]
(2 June 2019) This Is World's Fastest Camera Which Can Shoot At 4 Trillion Frames Per Second & Capture Light [Technology]
(28 May 2019) Camera captures four trillion frames per second [Electronics]
(28 May 2019) Ultra-fast flashes of light recorded at FOUR TRILLION frames per second [NEWS LANES]
(21 May 2019) New ultra-fast imaging technology with high frame rate and frame number [EurekAlert]
(17 May 2019) Compressed Ultrafast Spectral-Temporal Photography [Physical Review Letters]

21 MAY 2019 - A Remotely Controlled Floating Robot for Targeted Drug Delivery

A soft robot with wings and shaped like a ‘flying whale’ developed by researchers at Dartmouth College and Dr. SHI Peng of CityU has proven to enable programmed drug delivery to targeted cells. This plane-like swimming robot is a combination of cardiac tissue engineering and 3D printing with photosensitive hydrogels, and can change its mechanical structure to control its motion status.

With its wings coated with a light-sensitive hydrogel, the minuscule 3D-printed robot's tail is covered with a layer of heart muscle cells. The tail is able to move upward and downward, and the robot can propel in a liquid environment. Researchers also control start-stop motion of the robot via optical stimulation. This novel design of biohybrid soft robots is believed to open pathways for the development of the next‐generation multifunctional and intelligent soft robotic systems.

Press coverage:
(30 May 2019) Transformable drug-delivery robot could take a fantastic voyage through the bloodstream []
(21 May 2019) Toy transformers and real-life whales inspire biohybrid robot [3D Printing Progress]
(20 May 2019) Toy Transformers and Real-Life Whales Inspire Biohybrid Robot [Electronic Component News]
(17 May 2019) Tiny "flying whale" robot is made to move within the human body [NEW ATLAS]
(16 May 2019) Shape-changing robot promises targeted drug delivery []
(25 Mar 2019) A Remotely Controlled Transformable Soft Robot Based on Engineered Cardiac Tissue Construct [Wiley Online Library]

2 MAY 2019 - Award Winning Presentation in RoboSoft 2019

Award Winning Presentation in RoboSoft 2019

Congratulations to Mr. SHU Jing (MTE student) and Dr. CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong on receiving the Best Late Breaking Result Award in the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft). The award winning entry was called "A Pill Bug-Inspired Foldable Quadrotor".

The entry demonstrates a novel bio-inspired design of a micro aerial vehicle or drone. Similar to Armadillidiidae insects that roll into a ball as a key defensive behavior against predation, the presented origami-inspired drone employs a foldable mechanism as a method to protect its central sensitive components upon collision. The developed prototype successfully demonstrates the desired protective fold when passively activated by a mid-flight collision.

The Late Breaking Results Session aims at giving opportunity to participants to present their recent results in soft robotics, and is ideal for researchers to get feedback on their work prior to submitting it for formal publication.

For details, please visit:

9 APR 2019 – Students’ Innovations Showcased in the CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2019

Student presenters exchanged their creative ideas at the Luncheon and the exhibition

Two groups of BME students, Mr. LAM Yan Lok, Mr. LEE Pang Kam and Mr. UTOMO William Budi (Supervisor: Dr. TIN Chung), Miss CHIU Man Ki and Miss TANG Kei Tung (Supervisor: Dr. Kannie CHAN) shared their innovative projects during the CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 9 April 2019.

The projects were called ‘Comparative Study of Supervised Learning Algorithms in Hospital Readmission Prediction for Diabetic Patients’ and ‘Imaging the Brain with Alzheimer’s Diseases using MRI: Data and Graph’. The related exhibition attracted around 40 student projects to showcase their creative ideas and fruitful learning experience to their potential employers. Nearly 600 participants attended the event, including around 350 employers from more than 200 companies from various industries.

Press coverage:
(9 Apr 2019) Students’ innovations showcased at CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2019 [CityU NewsCentre]

18 MAR 2019 – Scanning Zebrafish Brain Activities Accelerates Discovery of New Drugs

A breakthrough research led by the team of Dr. SHI Peng, jointly operated among BME and BMS departments of CityU and research experts from the Harvard Medical School of the United States, has proven to save costs and enhance efficiency for developing new drugs via whole-brain activity mapping using zebrafish.

The study analyzes how the central nervous system of zebrafish reacts with various chemicals through scanning their brain and establishing a collection of these reactions of their central nervous system. This integrative system, according to Dr. SHI, can conduct imaging for many zebrafish in one go to collect a large amount of data efficiently through the use of robotics, microfluidics and hydrodynamic force. Thus, this platform can streamline and speed up new drug discovery process, and thereby save costs.

Selected press coverage:
(26 Mar 2019) 城大哈佛合作 加速神經醫學藥物研究 [am730 A26 HEALTH 講醫啲]
(19 Mar 2019) 香港城大成功开发有助研发治疗大脑疾病新药的技术平台 [央广网]
(19 Mar 2019) 助力研发治疗大脑疾病新药 香港城大成功开发技术平台 [光明网]
(19 Mar 2019) 香港城大成功开发有助研发治疗大脑疾病新药的技术平台 [珠海新闻网]
(19 Mar 2019) 助力研发治疗大脑疾病新药 香港城大成功开发技术平台 [福建日報]
(19 Mar 2019) 港城大成功開發技術平台 有助研發大腦疾病新藥 [Jornal Va Kio]
(18 Mar 2019) Neuromedicine breakthrough with Harvard University [CityU NewsCentre]
(18 Mar 2019) 香港城大成功开发有助研发治疗大脑疾病新药的技术平台 [新华网]
(18 Mar 2019) 香港城大成功开发有助研发治疗大脑疾病新药的技术平台 [中國新聞網]
(18 Mar 2019) 香港開發出新葯技術平台,利用斑馬魚預測大腦疾病藥物功效 []
(18 Mar 2019) Hong Kong researchers find shortcut to predict brain diseases' drug effectiveness [新华网]
(18 Mar 2019) 城大揭斑馬魚腦圖譜助研新藥 [Wen Wei Po]
(18 Mar 2019) 城大研斑馬魚腦圖譜開發新藥 [Lion Rock Daily]

8 JAN 2019 – The President's Awards 2018

Congratulations to Prof Gary FENG from the Department on being selected for The President’s Awards (TPAs) 2018. Seven faculty members in total are awarded for the TPAs:

Professor CHEN Guanrong, Department of Electronic Engineering
Professor FENG Gang Gary, Department of Biomedical Engineering
Professor HE Jufang, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Dr. LEUNG Chung Man Alvin, Department of Information Systems
Dr. WANG Xin Sunny, Department of Physics
Dr. YU Yau Wai Denis, School of Energy and Environment
Dr. ZHI Chunyi, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

The President’s Awards recognize the awardees’ remarkable achievements in their respective academic arena in support of the University’s enhancement and development. The selection process involved the Presidential Committee, College and School Deans, Vice-President (Research and Technology) and Associate Provost (Academic Planning and Undergraduate Education).

10 DEC 2018 – Ten CityU scholars honoured for highly cited papers [CityU NewsCentre]

Congratulations to Prof. Gary FENG from the Department, one of the ten faculty members from CityU, on being named as Highly Cited Researchers for 2018 by Clarivate Analytics for their exceptional research performance. Formerly known as the Intellectual Property and Science Business of Thomson Reuters, Clarivate Analytics introduces the Highly Cited Researchers in 2014, and identifies the most influential researchers determined by their worldwide peers via the citation analysis.

Related link:

4 DEC 2018 – Graduation Ceremony 2018

Prof. Dong SUN and the Guest of Honor, Prof. John MOK
Cake-cutting ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony 2018 jointly hosted by BME and MNE Departments was held on 4 December 2018 at 2:30pm at Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yuet Hall on 5th Floor of Lau Ming Wai Academic Building of CityU. This year, over 120 undergraduates and postgraduates from both departments shared the joy together with the fellow academic staff, guests, parents and friends during this very special occasion.

The ceremony was announced open by Prof. Ya Yan LU, Associate Dean of College of Science and Engineering. Ir. Prof. John MOK, Co-founder and Chairman of AML Holdings Limited, was invited as the Guest of Honour. He delivered an encouraging and inspiring speech by pointing out the importance of the “4P Value”, which stands for “Profit or Value Maximization”, “Performance Reward”, “Philanthropy” and “Planet”, and motivated graduates with entrepreneurial dreams to equip themselves with entrepreneurship knowledge before spending money for their actual start-up. He also shared tips on how to speed up success and maximize deployment benefit.

Mr. LAM Wah Shing Henry from MNE, the Graduate Representative, talked about his best memories in his university life and his award winning invention called ‘Transformer Wheelchair’, and highlighted the close relationship between observation and opportunities. He encouraged fellow graduates to shine, no matter in their further studies or in the career journey.

The event was concluded in applauses and smiling faces in the cake-cutting ceremony outside the hall.

Gold Metal Award

4 DEC 2018 – ‘Transformable Wheelchair’ Received the Gold Medal in an International Competition

Congratulations to Mr. LAM Wah Shing, Ms. MOK Tsz Ling and Mr. SZE Tsz Ho from the MNE Department, who had won the gold medal in the Special Award of Romanian Inventors Forum in an international competition called the ‘International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada, iCAN 2018’ in September 2018 under the supervision of Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON. Mr. LAM is currently a PhD student of the Department.

The project title of the invention was called ‘Transformable Wheelchair’. According to Dr. Pakpong, the ‘Transformable Wheelchair’ is a foldable electric wheelchair made to solve the transfer problems commonly faced by wheelchair users. Transformable Wheelchair intricately adopts several mechanisms designed for the seat to be elevated and slid out. This allows a stable transfer of the user to a vehicle, a bed or a chair. While the electric motors powers the wheelchair for heavy-duty tasks such as driving and lifting, the foldable design packs all the electronic parts into a small footprint for convenient transport.

More information about the Competition can be found at:

Dr. LUO Tao and Prof. Dong SUN at the award presentation ceremony

3 DEC 2018 – Research Students Received HKMHDIA Student Research Award

Congratulations to our PhD graduates Dr. LUO Tao, under the supervision of Prof. Dong SUN, and Dr. XU Bingzhe, under the supervision of Dr. SHI Peng, on receiving the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA) Student Research Award 2017-18. The scheme aims to promote both basic and applied academic research that may have significant impact on the future development of medical and health device industries in Hong Kong.

The award presentation ceremony was held during the HKMHDIA Gala Dinner on 3 December 2018. The title of Dr. LUO’s awarded thesis was ‘Microfluidic Approach for Cell Manipulation and Analysis’ whereas Dr. XU’s awarded thesis was titled ‘Tissue Engineering Based Bio-Electromechanical Hybrid Robotic Systems for Biomedical Applications’.

More information about the Association can be found at

Young Investigator Award at the International Workshop for Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Imaging

12-15 NOV 2018 – BME PhD Student Received the 'Young Investigator Award' at an International Workshop

Congratulations to Mr. Jianpan HUANG, PhD student of Dr. Kannie CHAN of the Department, on being awarded for the “Young Investigator Award (Top 5%)” at the 7th International Workshop on Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) Imaging held in Beijing on 12-15 November 2018, which was the first one of the Workshop series in Asia.

Mr. HUANG had presented a proffered paper titled “Dynamic glucose-enhanced imaging of mouse brain with Alzheimer’s disease at 3T MRI” in the area of “CEST in Neurology” in the Workshop.

The six CEST Imaging workshops were previously held at universities in USA and Europe starting in 2010. Beijing CEST 2018 has become the tradition of presenting the latest developments in this exciting and rapidly advancing field, serving as a platform for young researchers to learn and collaborate as well.

More information about the Workshop can be found at:

All invited guests, fellow speakers and participants shared the joy of the opening of the Preclinical MRI for Biomedical Imaging Lab
Professor Alex Jen, Provost of City University of Hong Kong, gave the Opening Speech at the Workshop

19 NOV 2018 – Workshop on Frontiers in Biomedical Imaging Marks the Opening of Preclinical MRI for Biomedical Imaging Lab

The Medical Imaging Workshop “Frontiers in Biomedical Imaging” was held on 19 November 2018 at CityU. This Workshop, led by Dr. Kannie CHAN of the Department, also marked the opening of the Preclinical MRI for Biomedical Imaging Lab. Two Plenary Speakers and seven Keynote Speakers including Dr. Kannie CHAN were invited to share their expertise in biomedical imaging with fellow participants. Before the presentations, the group was arranged to visit the Lab.

More information about the Workshop can be found at:

Dr. SHI Peng and his research team
First microarrayed 3-D neuronal tradition platform developed

16 NOV 2018 – First Microarrayed 3D Neuronal Culture Platform Developed for Performing Large-scale Chemotactic Assays

Dr. SHI Peng and his research team developed a new microarrayed 3D neuronal platform for performing chemotactic assays, and provided valuable insights to the development of novel therapeutic strategies to promote brain regeneration. According to Dr. SHI, the high-throughput setup can largely reduce the experiment time from months to 48 hours, whereas a large collection of molecular gradient profiles can be tested using a single chip to generate a large amount of data.

The research findings have been published in the journal Nature Communications, titled “High-throughput three-dimensional chemotactic assays reveal steepness-dependent complexity in neuronal sensation to molecular gradients”. Further information was also reported in another article in the journal Biomaterials earlier this year. (

More information about the research can be found at: (EurekAlert!)

Tiny, soft robot with multi-legs paves the way for drug delivery in the human body

2 OCT 2018 – Tiny, soft robot with multi-legs paves the way for drug delivery in the human body [CityU NewsCentre]

Dr Yajing SHEN, Professor Zuankai WANG, PhD students Haojian LU and Yuanyuan YANG (BME), research associate Dr Mei Zhang (MNE), and their collaborators have developed a novel tiny, soft robot with caterpillar-like legs capable of carrying heavy loads and adaptable to adverse environments. The mini delivery-robot could pave the way for medical technology advances, such as drug delivery in the human body. The highly agile milli-robot is able to leap over 10 times its leg length. Thanks to its multi-leg design, which helps reduce friction significantly, the robot can move efficiently inside surfaces in the body lined with, or entirely immersed in, body fluids, such as blood or mucus. Laboratory tests show that it can carry a load 100 times its own weight, which is comparable to a human easily lifting a 26-seat minibus. The aim of the research team in the next two to three years is to create a biodegradable robot that will decompose naturally after completing its drug delivery mission.

The research findings have been published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature Communications in a paper titled “A Bio-inspired Multilegged Soft Millirobot that Functions in Both Dry and Wet Conditions”.

Selected press coverage:
(4 Mar 2019) Novel Robot Design to Enhance Drug Delivery in Humans [Plains Gazette]
(6 Feb 2019) “百足咁多爪!” 微型軟體機械人 (starting at 4:15) []
(8 Nov 2018) Caterpillar Robot Developed to Improve Drug Delivery in Humans [EDGYLABS]
(31 Oct 2018) Tiny, Creepy-Crawly Robot Delivers Drugs Inside the Body [Design News]
(23 Oct 2018) Tiny Soft Robots Make Drug Delivery Efficient [Machine Design]
(4 Oct 2018) 仿生多足機器人宛如坦克車運送藥物至目的地 [Global Bio & Investment]
(3 Oct 2018) A multi-legged mini-robot made for drug delivery [COSMOS]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大研發微型軟體機械人體內送藥新機遇 [Sing Pao]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大製「微軟機械蟲」助體內運藥 [Wen Wei Po]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大研發機械人助體內運藥 [Sky Post]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大研微型多足機械人可游走人體送藥 [Oriental Daily News]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大製「毛蟲」機械人研人體內傳送藥物 [Metro Daily]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大製「微軟機械蟲」助體內運藥 [Think Hong Kong]
(26 Sep 2018) Tiny soft robot with multilegs paves way for drugs delivery in human body [ScienceDaily]

BIE student awarded Special Prize at international invention innovation competition

1 SEP 2018 – BIE student awarded Special Prize at international invention innovation competition

Congratulations to BIE student Joseph LAI Ho Chi and his teammate from the Department of Electronic Engineering on being awarded the Special Prize by the Association of Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion in "The Finals" of the 2018 International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2018) which the team was invited to attend at North York Memorial Community Hall in Toronto, Canada on 1 September 2018, upon receiving a Gold Medal in "The Preliminaries" of the competition for the same project titled "ISFS Glasses (Intelligent Glasses for Parkinson's Disease Patients with Safety Feedback System)".

More information on the competition organized by the Toronto International Society of Innovation & Advanced Skills (TISIAS) can be found at:

CityU Underwater Robotics Team

9-11 JUL 2018 – CityU Underwater Robotics Team came third in underwater robot competition in China

Congratulations to the CityU Underwater Robotics Team on obtaining the Third Prize in 3rd Underwater Robot Competition (第三屆上海“臨港杯”水下智慧型機器人大賽) held in Shanghai, China in 9-11 July 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Yajing SHEN, Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON and faculty members from the EE department. The team members include SZE Tsz Ho (BEngNRE), MOK Tsz Ling (BEngNRE), YEUNG On Lik (BEngM.E.) and students from other sister departments.

The competition aims at promoting underwater robot technology, nurturing innovative talents, enabling collaboration and exchange among marine-related high technology industry, research institutes and universities, and developing the underwater robot industry. Teams from various top mainland universities also participated in the competition.

More details about the CityU Underwater Robotics Team and the underwater robot competition can be found at and More ...

BIE student invited to attend innovation competition in Canada

8 JUL 2018 – BIE student invited to attend innovation competition in Canada

BIE student Joseph LAI Ho Chi and his teammate from the Department of Electronic Engineering have won the Gold Medal in "The Preliminaries" of the 3rd International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (iCAN 2018) organized by Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS), and were invited to attend “The Finals” where participants would be able to exhibit their award-winning invention/idea and compete for the Finals Awards in Toronto, Canada on 1 September 2018. The title of their entry is "ISFS Glasses (Intelligent Glasses for Parkinson’s Disease Patients with Safety Feedback System)".

The event aims to arrange a special occasion to emerge creativity engaged by innovators from Canada and the rest of the world while providing an opportunity for overseas participants to expand their activities by showcasing and promoting their inventions/new products while also achieving a new success of winning invention awards from Canada. It combines an invention exhibition, educational seminar, and award ceremony together for inventors, students, researchers, and entrepreneurs from both Canadian and overseas sectors.

Dr. Lu Liu received Best Paper Award at international congress on control and automation

8 JUL 2018 – Dr. LIU Lu received Best Paper Award at international congress on control and automation

Congratulation to Dr. LIU Lu and her Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Maobin LU on receiving the Best Paper Award at WCICA 2018, the 13th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation, held on 4-8 July 2018 in Changsha, China, for their paper titled “Stabilization of Minimum-Phase Linear Uncertain Systems with Quantized Measurement Output and Disturbances”. The congress is technically sponsored by IEEE Control Systems Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Chinese Association of Automation, and the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. WCICA 2018 features plenary lectures and panel discussion sessions by the world leading researchers as well as awards to honour outstanding papers presented at this Congress. More information on the congress can be found at

Dr. Yajing Shen received award for young professional at international conference

8 JUL 2018 – Dr. Yajing SHEN received award for young professional at international conference

Congratulations to Dr. Yajing SHEN on receiving the “Big-on-Small Award” during MARSS 2018, International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales, held on 4 - 8 July 2018 in Nagoya, Japan. The award is intended to recognize excellent performance on a MARSS-related topic and to promote upcoming talents in these research communities. The target group includes young professionals (below 40 years old, probably at the level of postdoc, assistant professor or associate professor) with excellent performance and international visibility. Members of the MARSS Steering Committee and MARSS Academic Advisory Board nominate Award candidates and make a final decision by anonymous voting.

The annual conference held for the third time has the ambition to be the flagship forum for cross-disciplinary R&D communities to discuss current activities related to manipulation and automation (including measurement and characterization) at micro and nano scales, and in all kinds of small scale robots and their applications. More information on the conference can be found at

MTE final year students obtained ASM Technology Gold Award 2018 for their transformable wheelchair

6 JUL 2018 – MTE final year students obtained ASM Technology Gold Award 2018 for their transformable wheelchair

Congratulations to MTE final year students CHAN Tsz Lung, LAM Cheuk Hung, LUK Ying Kit and LAM Wah Shing on receiving the Gold Award of the ASM Technology Award 2018 for their project “Transformable Wheelchair” under the supervision of Dr. Pakpong Chirarattananon. The team will receive a scholarship of HKD50,000, and will also be invited to the Technology Tour arranged by the organizer, ASM Pacific Technology Limited, in Munich, Germany in early December 2018. An additional scholarship of HK$100,000 will also be donated to CityU as the home institution of the Gold Award winners.

The Award promotes excellence in technology and is an interdisciplinary award inviting participation of top Faculties and Schools of Engineering in Hong Kong, which aims at recognizing and rewarding students with outstanding Final Year Projects which demonstrate excellence in technology and innovation. ASM Technology Award honours the best and brightest students for their accomplishments in technology – students who are changing the world for the better. The recognition of students participating in the Award is tacit recognition that high expectations spur high achievement and that academic excellence is a community effort involving parents, peers, teachers, university and mentors.

Delivering cells to live animals using micro-robots
Prof Dong Sun (front row) with his team

29 JUN 2018 - World’s first: microrobots delivering cells to precise locations in the body [CityU NewsCentre]

Source: CityU Youtube Channel

Professor Dong SUN's team, including Dr. Junyang LI, Dr. Xiaojian LI, Mr. Tao LUO, Dr. Shuxun CHEN, Mr. Dongfang LI and Dr. Ran WANG, and collaborators from the Department of Biomedical Sciences, including Professor Shuk-han CHENG and Dr. Jianbo YUE, have developed the world’s first magnetic 3D-printed microscopic robot that can carry cells to precise locations in live animals. The invention could revolutionise cell-based therapy, regenerative medicine and more precise treatment for diseases such as cancer, which is a huge leap for the emerging industry of cell surgery robotics. It is expected that clinical trials can begin over the next five years. The paper titled "Development of a magnetic microrobot for carrying and delivering targeted cells" has recently been published in Science Robotics. Professor Sun also pointed out that the research is a perfect example of interdisciplinary collaborations at CityU.

Selected press coverage:
(Jan 2019) Special delivery, saving lives [CityU Today No. 59]
(11 Jul 2018) 3D打印微型機械人 體內準確運送細胞 城大新發明 [Sky Post]
(10 Jul 2018) Magnetic microrobots ferry cells into living animals [BLOUIN NEWS]
(4 Jul 2018) 城大打印機械人 運幹細胞入人體 [Wen Wei Po]
(4 Jul 2018) 城大全球首創磁力3D微型機械人 [Sing Pao Daily News]
(4 Jul 2018) 城大開發首個3D打印微型機械人 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(4 Jul 2018) 香港城大開發首個3D打印微型機械人 [Hong Kong China News Agency]
(29 Jun 2018) 中国研究人员设计出细胞运输机器人 []
(29 Jun 2018) Arterial traffic: microbots can deliver cargo in live animals [COSMOS]
(29 Jun 2018) 微型機器人 可體內運送細胞 [China Times]
(28 Jun 2018) Researchers use micro-robots to carry cells to a target site in live animals [TechXplore]
(28 Jun 2018) 中國研究人員設計出細胞運輸機器人 [Hong Kong China News Agency]
(28 Jun 2018) 铁扇公主肚里钻进了猴子?微型机器人在生物体内定点投放细胞 []
(27 Jun 2018) Microrobots delivered cancer cells to live animals [ZDNet]
(18 Jun 2018) World's first: microrobots delivering cells to precise locations in the body [South China Morning Post]

MOU forges closer links between CityU, Karolinska Institutet

25 JUN 2018 – MOU forges closer links between CityU, Karolinska Institutet [CityU NewsCentre]

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by the Presidents of CityU and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, one of the world’s foremost medical universities, for collaboration on academic exchange, cultural interchange and cooperation in teaching and research on 19 June 2018, which will further enhance CityU’s capacity to contribute towards addressing the global “One Health” challenge. Under the MOU, a series of academic collaborations and research on different topics, such as health engineering, cell-cell interactions and genetics, will be initiated between the two institutes. Professor Dong SUN and Professor Yuan-Ting ZHANG attended the signing ceremony along with the Dean, Assistant Dean, Head and faculty member of Colleges and departments.

Selected press coverage:
(26 Jun 2018) 香港城大與卡羅琳醫學院簽合作備忘 [Hong Kong China News Agency]
(25 Jun 2018) 城大瑞典學院醫學交流 [Wen Wei Po]
(25 Jun 2018) 城大與卡羅琳醫學院簽合作備忘 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]

21 JUN 2018 – Internship at Chinese Academy of Sciences

MTE final year student LAM Wah Shing participated and served as the deputy team leader in the 6-week internship programme at the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized by the HKSAR Government’s Home Affairs Bureau during summer 2018, in a team of 22 students from Hong Kong universities who took part in the programme. He treasures the internship opportunity which allows him to understand the real applications of frontier technologies and hopes to be able to learn from top scientists during the internship programme. He will continue his PhD studies under Professor Dong SUN’s supervision in the coming academic year, and looks forward to opportunities to develop his career in mainland China in future.

Selected press coverage:
(10 Dec 2018) 零距離接觸人工智能 驚嘆國家創科實力 港青中科院實習 激發創意鬥心 [Ta Kung Pao]
(21 Jun 2018) 港生:學頂級科學家思維 [Wen Wei Po]
(21 Jun 2018) 港青:向院士取經「科研思維」 [Ta Kung Pao]
(20 Jun 2018) 香港大學生首次到中科院實習 關注人工智能等熱門領域 [China News Service]

Challenge Cup Hong Kong Regional Final

04 JUN 2018 – Dr. Peng SHI and Dr. Zuankai WANG recognized as promising young scholars by World Cultural Council

Congratulations to Dr. Peng SHI and Dr. Zuankai WANG on being acknowledged by the World Cultural Council as young researchers and scholars from Hong Kong who have performed outstandingly in the fields of science, education or arts, from among nine young research leaders at CityU. They will be recognised with a commemorative diploma during the Council’s award ceremony to be held on 8 November 2018, along with the presentation of other prestigious awards.

Selected press coverage:
(9 Nov 2018) The 35th World Cultural Council Award Ceremony successfully held at CityU [CityU NewsCentre]
(9 Nov 2018) 世界文化理事會頒獎禮 在城大舉行 [Sing Tao Daily]
(8 Nov 2018) 第35屆世界文化理事會頒獎典禮在香港城市大學舉行 [Hong Kong China News Agency]
(5 Jun 2018) 城大9學者獲嘉許 [Wen Wei Po]
(4 Jun 2018) Winners of World Cultural Council awards announced [CityU NewsCentre]

30 MAY 2018 – Highest national honour in engineering, tech for CityU scientist [CityU NewsCentre]

Established in 1996 and managed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the 12th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology (EST) Award was awarded to Professor Jian LU on 30 May 2018. Along with the “Guanghua EST Achievement Award”, the Awards are regarded as the most prestigious awards for engineering and technology achievement in China.

Through active participation in collaborative research projects in the Greater Bay Area, Professor LU expressed his hopes that local universities could promote the transfer and application of advanced technology achievements in the mainland, and thereby contribute to technology development in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area as well as the whole country.

Working in the field of materials science for more than 30 years, Professor LU’s main research interests relate to fabrication and mechanical properties of nanomaterials and advanced structural materials, fabrication techniques of materials with plastic deformation, and computational simulation of surface engineering. He currently holds 23 patents granted by Europe, the US and China. He has published more than 450 papers including over 340 papers published in top journals such as Nature and Science.

Selected press coverage:
(11 Jun 2018) 奪2018年光華工程科技獎 呂堅:做「頂天立地」研究 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(31 May 2018) 港三科學家奪光華工程科技獎 [Ta Kung Pao]
(31 May 2018) 呂堅:港學者要融入國家科創建設 [Ta Kung Pao]
(31 May 2018) 三港科學家獲光華工程科技獎 [Wen Wei Po]
(31 May 2018) 獲獎感言:香港科學家不應再觀望 [Wen Wei Po]
(31 May 2018) 港三學者獲頒 光華工程科技獎 [Sing Tao Daily}
(31 May 2018) 3港科學家獲光華工程科技獎 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]

Challenge Cup Hong Kong Regional Final

26 MAY 2018 – MTE final year students won Third Prize at “Challenge Cup” regional competition

Congratulations to MTE final-year students CHAN Tsz Lung, LAM Cheuk Hung, LAM Wah Shing and LUK Ying Kit on obtaining the Third Prize with their project on “Transformable Wheelchair” at the “Challenge Cup” National Competition-Hong Kong Regional Final, Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2018, under the supervision of Dr. Pakpong Chirarattananon, during its awards ceremony held on 26 May 2018.

Organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association, the competition offers an opportunity for academic exchanges and also a platform for the search of innovative and entrepreneurship talents from the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. More information on the competition and the award recipients can be found at

Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award 2018

23 APR 2018 – LEUNG Yin Ming receives Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award 2018

Congratulations to Ms. LEUNG Yin Ming, Tobbie, Year 2 BEng4 student from the Bioengineering major, on being selected as one of the 25 awardees for the Innovation and Technology Scholarship Award Scheme 2018 among outstanding undergraduate students from all universities in Hong Kong. With a scholarship of HK$150,000, Tobbie will join an overseas attachment programme at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden for one semester and receive mentorship from a scholar in her field of study. She will also have the opportunity to take up a local internship programme.

Organized by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, and sponsored and supported by the Innovation and Technology Commission and HSBC, the Scheme offers outstanding undergraduates of Hong Kong the opportunities to widen their international exposure, gaining industry experience, and nurture their passion and commitment toward science and technology.

Please refer to the organizer’s website for more information on the scheme and the award presentation ceremony held on 23 April 2018 at the Hong

Elastic properties of nano diamond

23 APR 2018 - Elastic properties of nano diamond revealed for the first time [CityU NewsCentre]

Dr. Yang LU’s research team, including Mr. Amit BANERJEE and Dr. Hongti ZHANG under his supervision, has discovered that diamonds at nanoscale can undergo ultralarge, fully reversible elastic deformation. The research team demonstrated that when diamond was downsized to nearly 100 nanometres in diameter, which is about one six-hundredth of the size of human hair, up to around 9% of tensile elastic strain was recorded for single crystalline samples. The findings could have a profound impact on the nanotechnology and biomedical fields, and even quantum information technologies. This groundbreaking discovery was recently published in the prestigious journal Science under the title “Ultralarge elastic deformation of nanoscale diamond”.

Selected press coverage:
(25 Apr 2018) 恒久不變承諾幻滅了 城大發現納米鑽可變形 [Oriental Daily News]
(25 Apr 2018) 中外科學家在納米尺度發現金剛石超彈性變形 [People’s Daily]
(24 Apr 2018) 城大發現納米鑽石具彈性 [Sing Tao Daily]
(24 Apr 2018) 城大揭變形鑽 助納米科技應用 [Wen Wei Po]
(24 Apr 2018) 納米級鑽石 具伸縮彈性 [Sky Post]
(23 Apr 2018) Se il diamante diventa flessibile [Le Scienze]
(23 Apr 2018) Scientists can now make diamonds bend and stretch like rubber [India Today]
(22 Apr 2018) Scientists Discover How to Bend and Stretch Diamonds—the Hardest Natural Material [Brinkwire]
(22 Apr 2018) 科學家在納米尺度下實現金剛石超彈性 []
(21 Apr 2018) Scientists Find a Way to Bend And Stretch Diamond, One of The Hardest Materials on Earth [ScienceAlert]
(21 Apr 2018) 鑽石全球最硬?專家:有彈性 [China Press]
(21 Apr 2018) 鑽石在納米尺度上有彈性 [Xinhuanet]
(21 Apr 2018) Hallan una forma de doblar los diamantes [ABC (Spain)]
(20 Apr 2018) Scientists Discover How to Bend and Stretch Diamonds—the Hardest Natural Material [Newsweek]
(19 Apr 2018) Scientists discover how to bend DIAMOND in 'surprising' breakthrough for ultra-strong nanomaterials [Daily Mail Online]
(19 Apr 2018) How to Bend Diamonds [IEEE Spectrum]
(19 Apr 2018) How to Bend A Diamond [Discover Magazine]

26 MAR 2018 – PhD student awarded first prize at bionic innovation competition

Congratulations to PhD student Mr. Jiaqian LI, on being awarded the Premier Prize at the first International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE) Bionic Innovation Competition sponsored by Jilin University with his work entitled “Topological liquid diode”, under the supervision of Dr. Zuankai WANG. The competition was initiated in July 2017 and has received more than 130 works from 12 countries and regions including the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, South Africa, Japan, India, China and Hong Kong, which were then assessed by the evaluation committee composing of 9 specialists from around the world. The list of awardees can be found at:

CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2018

15 MAR 2018 – BIE final-year students displayed their innovative projects at CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2018

Final-year BIE students Mr. LAI Ho Chi Joseph and Ms. LEI Yu Sum Vianne demonstrated their innovative projects on “Hydrogels for Cell Therapy” during the CityU Employers’ Luncheon 2018 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 15 March 2018. Under the supervision of Dr. Kannie W. Y. CHAN, the project demonstrated how the development of hydrogels can speed up the recovery of brain cells by up to three times. Over 500 representatives from the industry and the university attended the luncheon.

Selected press coverage:
(23 Mar 2018) Students’ talents showcased at Employers’ Luncheon 2018 [CityU NewsCentre]
(16 Mar 2018) 城大生研水凝膠作腦細胞膠布 [Ta Kung Pao]
(16 Mar 2018) 創新科技 研發水凝膠 傷腦快復元 [Metro Daily]
(15 Mar 2018) 城大辦僱主午宴 劉鳴煒郭位向500名僱主推銷城大生 [HK01]

CityU Discovery Festival

14 MAR 2018 – MTE student displayed interdisciplinary work with architecture student at CityU Discovery Festival

MTE final-year student Mr. LAM Wah Shing displayed his innovative and interdisciplinary project on a “Twind Turbine” together with another student from the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering during the university’s annual Discovery Festival held between 13 and 16 March 2018. The “Twind Turbine” is a vertical-axis wind turbine applying to railway or urban areas for electricity generation. The design consists of two types of turbines so that it can work well under high and low speed wind with better efficiency. The innovative project received one of the Best of The Best Awards among about 20 undergraduate projects displayed during the Festival.

Selected press coverage:
(19 Mar 2018) 城大探索創新節 展示創新及創意成果 [Recruit]
(15 Mar 2018) 城大探索創新節 展20項成果 [Sing Pao Daily News]
(14 Mar 2018) CityU Discovery Festival showcases excellence in innovation and creativity [CityU NewsCentre]

HKSQ student project competition

10 MAR 2018 – TQE final-year students obtain awards in HKSQ student project competition

Congratulations to TQE final-year students CHAN Ka San (team leader), LEE Tsz Kwan, WONG Wing To, and LAM Yuk Chun on obtaining the 1st runner-up in the 2018 HKSQ Student Project Competition: Industrial Experience for Students for their project “Quality Issue of Cutting Wire Oxidization”, under the supervision of Dr. Yang LU and Dr. Haokun YANG. The competition was organized by Hong Kong Society for Quality and sponsored by Defond Electrical Industries Ltd., which aims at offering an opportunity for students to work on an actual industrial case and propose resolution, so as to allow them to gain experience to resolve an industrial problem. The winning team’s project proposes a wax-coating method to solve the oxidization problem occurring at the cutting position of electrical wires produced by the sponsor of the competition.

Another team of TQE final-year students CHAN Tsz Lok, KWOK Oon Hei, YU Lai Po and SO Hiu Ying won the Champion award in the competition.

More information on the competition can be found at

International innovation and entrepreneurship contest

21-22 DEC 2017 – PhD student won third prize in international innovation and entrepreneurship contest

Congratulations to PhD student Mr. Yufan Wang and his team, under the supervision of Professor Wen Jung Li, on receiving the third prize (entrepreneurship category) in the international contest on innovation and entrepreneurship 2017 organized by the Taiyuan Municipal People's Government and China Center for Information Industry Development. The team contested with over 1000 submissions and 300 finalists from industries and universities worldwide.

More information on the contest can be found at

Service robot project

15 DEC 2017 – Service robot project with Towngas won second prize from Construction Industry Council

Congratulations to Dr. King W. C. Lai and Dr. B. L. Luk on winning the Second Prize (Construction Safety) of the CIC Construction Innovation Award 2017 organized by the Construction Industry Council, for their collaboration project “Service Robot for Repair Exterior Gas Pipe” with Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) on 15 December 2017. This is a prestigious award and competitive competition which has received 124 submissions from industries and universities worldwide. The award aims to spearhead development of new concepts to enable continuous enhancements in the construction industry in Hong Kong. It also aims to recognise and promote new technologies and scientific breakthroughs by both local and international academia and industry practitioners.

The R&D team, which also includes Dr. Keng Huat KOH, Mr. Musthafa FARHAN, Ms. Zoe Yanfei LIU, Ms. Florence Hiu Ling CHAN and Ms. Angela WU, has spent two years on the development of the robot, which has also been highlighted and exhibited at the Construction Innovation Technology Application Centre (CITAC)’s Grand Opening Ceremony on 29 November 2017.

Selected press coverage:
(29 Nov 2017) 建造業創科中心今開幕 [SHUO Online]
(29 Nov 2017) 建造業議會創新及科技應用中心開幕展示最新建築科技 [Commercial Radio]
(29 Nov 2017) 政府五年任期內 科研開支增至450億 [Sing Tao Daily]
(29 Nov 2017) 建造業展新科技 物聯網安全帽監察員工健康 [Oriental Daily News]

HKMHDIA Student Research Award 2016-2017

04 DEC 2017 – Research students receive student research award from industry

Congratulations to our PhD students Mr. LIN Xudong, under the supervision of Dr. Peng Shi, and Mr. WU Guangfu, under the supervision of Dr. King W. C. Lai, on receiving the Student Research Award 2016-2017 from the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA). The awards were presented during the HKMHDIA Gala Dinner 2017 on 4 December 2017.

The award aims to promote both basic and applied academic research that may have promising impact on the future development of medical and health device industries in Hong Kong.

Guest lecture by renowned industrialist

20 NOV 2017 – Guest lecture by renowned industrialist on entrepreneurship for our final year students

Dr. Roy Chung, a renowned industrialist in Hong Kong, gave a guest lecture on the topic “Entrepreneurship for Young Engineers with the Consideration of Technology Development” for students taking the course MBE4066 Professional Engineering Practice on 20 November 2017.

Dr. Roy Chung is the Co-founder and currently a Non-Executive Director of Techtronic Industries Company Limited. He won the Federation of Hong Kong Industries’ Hong Kong Young Industrialist Award in 1997, and was further named the Industrialist of the Year in 2014. He was appointed as a Justice of Peace in 2005, and awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2011. Dr. Chung is also the founder of the Bright Future Charitable Foundation and supported the setup of the Bright Future Whole Person Development Scholarships to reward three excellent students in the College of Science and Engineering each year. Two students from our department obtained the award last year.

Seminar on nuclear energy and risk engineering

17 NOV 2017 – Seminar on nuclear energy and risk engineering given to secondary school teachers

Mr. TAN Kok Hwa from Arcadis Consultancy Hong Kong Limited was invited to present a seminar to secondary school teachers, together with Dr. B L Luk, on the topic ‘“Why Nuclear Energy and Is It safe?” & Risk Engineering’ during the Teachers Update Courses on “Global Grand Challenges for the Next Century” organized by the College of Science and Engineering on 17 November 2017. The talk introduces the application of risk engineering in various areas and industries, with a 3D video on the nuclear safety of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant displayed.

11 NOV 2017 – Dr Zuankai Wang receives CityU Outstanding Research Award 2017

Congratulations to Dr. Zuankai Wang on being awarded the CityU Outstanding Research Awards 2017 during the University Congregation on 11 November 2017. Dr. Zuankai Wang’s research is mainly focused on the interface between engineering, materials and physics. By using the multidisciplinary approach, he has made seminal contributions to the emerging area of nature-inspired engineering. Since joining CityU in 2009, he has received many external awards including Changjiang Chair Professor by Ministry of Education of China (2016), International Society of Bionic Engineering Outstanding Youth Award (2016), and The Optical Society Young Scientist Award (2016). The PhD students he supervised have also won many prestigious awards including Young 1000 Talent Plan, MRS Graduate Student Gold and Silver Awards, and Hong Kong Young Scientist Award.

His research has been published in top-tier journals such as Nature Physics, Nature Communications, Science, Science Advances, and Physical Review Letters. (extracted from the Congregation booklet)

Low Carbon Energy Education Centre

30 OCT 2017 - Low Carbon Energy Education Centre promotes a sustainable future [CityU NewsCentre]

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) inaugurated the CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre (the Centre) on CityU campus on 30 October to raise public awareness on the impact of climate change and the importance of low carbon energy sources.

The establishment of the Centre is a showcase of successful cross-sector collaboration that puts to the best use both sides’ expertise, resource and strengths in achieving a common goal of promoting a sustainable future.

Mr Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government, Professor Way Kuo, President of CityU, Professor Matthew Lee Kwok-on, Vice-President (Development and External Relations) of CityU, Mr Richard Lancaster, Chief Executive Officer of CLP Holdings, and Mrs Betty Yuen So Siu-mai, Group Director and Vice-Chairman of CLP Power, jointly officiated at the opening of the Centre. More than 160 guests from government departments, professional bodies, green groups and the education sector attended the ceremony and visited the newly established centre guided by Dr. B. L. Luk. One highlight at the Centre is a scaled model of Hualong One Nuclear Reactor, China’s first indigenous, third-generation nuclear reactor. Visitors can also watch a 3-D animation that employs immersive projection technology to depict the core operation area of a nuclear plant.

Selected press coverage:
(31 Oct 2017) 低碳能源教育中心昨日開幕 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(31 Oct 2017) 城大設低碳能源中心 揭核電站結構 [Sing Tao Daily]
(31 Oct 2017) 城大能源教育中心 模擬置身核反應堆 [Ming Pao Daily News]
(31 Oct 2017) 低碳能源教育中心 提高公眾認識氣候變化 [Metro Daily]
(Oct 2017) New facility promotes low-carbon ideas [CityUtoday]

OCT 2017 - MTE graduates won Bronze Award at HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition 2017

Congratulations to MTE graduates Junhui LAW, Muhammad Shahzain RIAZ and James Utama SURJADI on winning the Bronze Award of the "HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition Award: For Students of Electronic Engineering or Related Engineering Fields 2017" for their project "Wearable Micro-Scent Generator for 4D Virtual Reality Systems" under the supervision of Professor Wen J LI. The award was organized by The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Ltd. (HKEIA) and Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Education Foundation to recognize and reward students with outstanding projects which demonstrate excellence in technology and innovation. The projects were judged by their creativity, applicability and practicability, and application of technology. The panel of judges consists of senior professionals and experts from industry. The award was presented during the HKEIA annual dinner held on 13 October 2017.

UGC applauds unique DEC

07 SEP 2017 – UGC applauds unique DEC [CityU NewsCentre]

Congratulations to Professor Gary Feng and his teammates Professor S H Cheng, Associate Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences, Dr. Ron Kwok, Dean of Students, Dr. Linda Lai, Associate Professor in the School of Creative Media, and Dr. Eva Lui, Special Assistant and Manager (Boards and Committees), on receiving the 2017 Team Award for Teaching Excellence from the University Grants Committee (UGC) for the groundbreaking Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC).

The DEC provides CityU students with the chance to make an original discovery. When presented with the challenge and opportunity during the transition to the 4-year undergraduate curriculum in 2011, CityU resolved to reinvent the undergraduate experience and redefine the teaching–research nexus, a direction that has been mandated and advocated world-wide by University President Professor Way Kuo since he took office in 2008.

The DEC constitutes a new paradigm for bringing together research, education, interdisciplinarity, entrepreneurship and action for the public good. Professor Feng suggested that the work of students has also inspired them and driven them to further discoveries as teachers and researchers.

Selected press coverage:
(8 SEP 2017) 中大城大學者獲教資會傑出教學獎 [Sing Tao Daily]
(8 SEP 2017) 陳英凝全球宣防災獲教學獎 [Wen Wei Po]
(8 SEP 2017) 助學生尋突破蘇可蔚獲教資會表揚 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]

College of Science and Engineering Medal 2017

SEP 2017 – BIE graduate awarded College of Science and Engineering Medal 2017

Congratulations to Mr. Zhu Ninghao, Eric, a fresh graduate of our Bioengineering (BIE) major who is pursuing his further studies in the US, on being awarded the College of Science and Engineering Medal 2017.

In the College Dean’s congratulatory message, it was suggested that Eric is an ingenious and well-rounded student. He was on the Dean’s List for five times and has received a number of scholarships and awards during his 4-year studies at CityU. He has a genuine interest in research and was a member of the MBE research team working on new devices for tissue engineering. Besides, he has participated in various student activities and community services and was the President of the CityU Choir in 2016/17.

The Medal selection panel was impressed by Eric’s excellent communication skills, self-determination towards scientific research, as well as his optimistic attitude towards study and life. It is without doubt that Eric is an excellent ambassador of our College and the University.

Eric has also been receiving the MBE Outstanding Student Awards for 2 consecutive years.

The College of Science and Engineering Medal is awarded annually to a final-year undergraduate student in recognition of his/her outstanding academic performance and well-rounded personal qualities.

AUG 2017 – Professor C T Liu conferred Outstanding Contribution Award by journal

Congratulations to Professor C T Liu on being conferred the Outstanding Contribution Award by Progress in Natural Science: Materials International at the 2017 Annual Meeting of Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS) and International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) held in Yinchuan, China recently.

The C-MRS was established in 1991 as an adhering body to the IUMRS. Both C-MRS and IUMRS seek to promote interdisciplinary materials research and education. The journal Progress in Natural Science: Materials International provides scientists and engineers with a central platform for the exchange and dissemination of theoretical studies and applied research of advanced materials.

(News source: Office of the Dean of College of Science and Engineering)

JUL 2017 – CityU Underwater Robotics Team came second in International Underwater Robot Competition

Congratulations to the CityU Underwater Robotics Team on obtaining the Second Prize in the 10th International Underwater Robot Competition held in Heifei, China. The team members include SZE Tsz Ho, YEUNG On Lik, LAM Wah Shing and three students from the Department of Electronic Engineering (EE), under the supervision of Dr. Yajing Shen and Dr. Ray Cheung (EE).

The competition was held at an artificial lake to test the application of underwater robots. Each team was required to operate their robotic fish to complete certain tasks, such as scoring the most balls in a net within 10 minutes and picking up floating garbage from the lake.

For more details about the learning experiences of the team in this competition, please visit: YouTube.

(News source: Office of the Dean of College of Science and Engineering)

JUL 2017 – Professor C T Liu identified as top 1% scientists in the world

Congratulations to Professor C T Liu on being identified by the Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) as being the top 1% scientists in the world based on the essential science indicators (ESI). In view of his highly-respected position in the academic arena, Professor Liu is also made the honorary member of the advisory board of the USERN, who will provide advice to its Policy Making Council on strategic matters.

USERN is established exclusively for the advancement of authentic, ethical and professional scientific research and education, and for the advancement of science for non-military purposes and public good. Members of the advisory board include the top 1% scientists based on the ESI, Nobel laureates, Abel Prize laureates, Copley Medal recipients and USERN prize winners.

(News source: Office of the Dean of College of Science and Engineering)

21-22 JUN 2017 - Discovery and Innovation Gala showcases research achievements at CityU [CityU NewsCentre]

The Discovery and Innovation Gala 2017 was held on 21 and 22 June 2017 to showcase discoveries and innovations addressing real-life problems through over 100 research projects designed by students and academic staff from the College of Science and Engineering.

Congratulations to Yan Tung KO and Pui Lai WU on winning the Best Poster Presentation Awards for their project “Revealing the Cell Mechanics under Different Physiological Conditions” under the supervision of Dr. King W. C. LAI. A total 7 student projects, 2 staff research projects and a featured project were displayed during the Gala.

Among the student projects showcased by our department is a Touch-free Biomedical Image Navigation System for Surgeons, which involves a wearable gesture and motion control device called Myo armband, designed by BIE final-year students Karen LO, Yin LEUNG and Chun Yin WONG under the supervision of Dr. Chung TIN. Surgeons may need to retrieve patient’s medical records, such as X-ray images, MRI images or CT scans during surgery. This system enables surgeons to retrieve a patient’s medical images without touching unsterilised materials. The device consists of eight electromyography sensors that measure electrical signals of the muscle cells in the user’s forearm, combining with a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer.

Dr. Yang LU and his student James Utama SURJADI who would continue his PhD studies in the department also displayed their featured project on Bio-Inspired 3D Printing of Lattice Metamaterials during the Gala, which makes bio-inspired metamaterials by reproducing the cellular structure of bamboo and other natural materials through 3D printing technology.

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