Conference Salon

SYSTEM DREAMS is an exhibition coordinated and organized by Ph.D. students of the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. It is a collateral program to the Art Machines 2021 Symposium and it is intended as a space where current doctoral and MFA students can showcase their artwork, research, and other projects. 


Curatorial Statement

Digital technologies emerged as dreamy and liberatory tools full of promises of progress and equality. The connectivity afforded by the Web, for instance, was marketed as a decentralized virtual space where bodily matters where ‘transcended’ and access to information and knowledge would level up for everyone. For some, however, the digital dream turned out to become nothing short of a nightmare. What were the promises and assurances digital systems were supposed to fulfill? Which digital dreams did materialize and which did not? What dreams still haunt us? SYSTEM DREAMS features works and research projects that invite us to reassess our relationship to technology in view of the current cultural and sociopolitical climate. The works presented in this exhibition, whether explicitly or subtly, tap into the complex and at times oneiric impact technological systems and digital media has had or potentially will have on our lives. 


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SYSTEM DREAMS curatorial team

Ji Yun (Jade)