Terms of Reference

Subject to the provisions of the Ordinance, the Senate shall have the power:

  1. to make decisions on the award of degrees and other academic awards of the University other than honorary degrees or other honorary awards;
  2. to plan, approve, develop, maintain, regulate and promote all teaching, programmes of study, research and other academic work in the University, and to formulate policies accordingly;
  3. to approve the discontinuation of any programme of study;
  4. to advise the Council on any matter which is relevant to the educational work of the University;
  5. to make recommendations to the Council on the establishment of Faculties and other equivalent bodies, and to approve the establishment of academic departments;
  6. to make recommendations to the Management Board or the Council, as appropriate, on the criteria and methodologies for the allocation of resources to support the academic work of the University, and on the development and operation of required facilities;
  7. to prescribe the requirements for admission as a student of the University;
  8. to regulate the conditions for the conferment of academic awards, other than honorary degree and honorary awards, of the University;
  9. to regulate all examinations and assessments conducted by the University;
  10. to terminate a student's programme of study on academic grounds;
  11. to deprive, for reasons which the Senate shall deem to be good cause, any graduate of an academic award conferred by the University or the Polytechnic and/or to revoke any certification granted;
  12. to advise the President on the welfare and discipline of students in the University;
  13. to regulate the institution of scholarships, bursaries, prizes and other similar awards;
  14. to nominate to membership of the Council, as provided for in Section 10(1) of the Ordinance;
  15. to advise the Council on any matter which may be referred to the Senate by the Council;
  16. to report to the Council as necessary;
  17. to refer any matter to a Faculty Board or an equivalent body for consideration and report;
  18. to appoint committees, working parties and similar bodies for the purpose of discharging the powers conferred on the Senate, and to approve their terms of reference and membership;
  19. generally to take all necessary action to discharge the powers and duties conferred on the Senate by the Council or to further the purposes of the Senate set out in Section 17 of the Ordinance.
Last modified date: 2 July 2020