2021 College/School Commencement

The University has recently reviewed the arrangements for Congregation. To align with international practices, Congregation will be held in late May instead of in November, and will be renamed Commencement. The changes enable graduates to celebrate their academic achievements, and share their joy with families and friends right after finishing their studies and before starting a new chapter in their lives.

The 2021 Commencement will be arranged on a College/School basis and will be held during 22 May - 31 May 2021 on-campus. Graduates who graduated in Semester A 2020/21 or are expected to graduate in Semester B 2020/21 will be invited to join the 2021 Commencement.

Key dates of the 2021 Commencement are given below: 



Application for Graduation

By 14 April 2021

Attendance Registration

24 April – 9 May 2021

Collection of Academic Dress

24 April – 31 May 2021

College/School Commencement

22 May – 31 May 2021

Information for Graduates
If you are a bachelor’s degree student and plan to graduate in Semester B 2020/21, please apply for graduation by 14 April 2021 (deadline advanced). Please visit the Application for Graduation website for more information. For associate degree students, ARRO will check the DegreeWorks records for their eligibility for academic award in Semester B 2020/21.  Students who will be awarded in Summer Term 2021 will be invited to join the 2022 Commencement.
The concerned graduates will be informed of the details of attendance registration, rental service for academic dress, admission ticket, etc. by 21 April 2021. Do stay tuned to this website from time to time for new updates.
The University will follow the Government infection control guidelines, if any, that may be in force. We will also closely monitor the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic and adopt appropriate alternative arrangements if necessary.

As for the logistics of the event, please visit the Commencement website to get prepared for the ceremony.