Study Tour

Korea Study Tour (16 June - 30 August 2019)

Since 2016, "AIS3810K Study Tour (Korea)" has been offered as 3 credit bearing course. The course aims to provide an intensive Korean language & culture immersion programme to enhance the participant’s Korean language proficiency and insights into Korean culture. In synergy with formal programme, various learning activities (culture lectures, workshops and field trips) are offered to provide hands-on learning.

In Summer of 2019, total 40 students participated in the tour. This 10 week intensive programme was co-organized by Institute of International Education, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea. As seen from post-tour sharing session, participants were very satisfied with their great accomplishments from the study tour—such as obtaining higher proficiency in Korean language, developing healthy, independent living skills and building up global friendships with Korean language buddies and fellow classmates.