Study Tour

Japan Study Tour (27 June - 4 August 2019)

The main aim of the tour is to aid participants to acquire basic knowledge of Japanese language and Japanese culture. Japan Study Tour 2019 emphasized experiential learning and offered both group and self-directed activities that enable participants to explore various aspects of Japanese cultures, practices and Japanese people.

On 27 June 2019, our group and 21 students (20 local students and 1 non-local student) started the tour in Japan. As part of the tour, participants attended daily language class in the morning sessions. Students also took 4 lectures and 6 fieldtrips on selected weekday afternoon to complement the language class.

After the tour, participants expressed that they enjoyed the tour and positive comments from students were received. Some messages from students:

“I have joined a 39-day Japan study tour in this summer holiday, which is the most wonderful tour I have never seen. As a zero beginner of Japanese language, I was pretty scared at the beginning. However, I felt very grateful at the end of the trip as I could have this great opportunity to experience Japanese culture and learn Japanese.”

“I remember that Heidi sensei introduced the concept of 絆 (KIZUNA) to us on the 1st pre-departure lecture. It is a Japanese concept, and it means the bonds of friendship. I am grateful that I met a lot of buddies in this trip. I am sure that they will be my lifelong friends.”

“This is an enjoyable and diverse study tour that contains many elements that allow us to communicate and learn. There are language class, the tutorial class with aspects on history, society, politics, economics, and culture of Japanese, like Ikebana and Rakugo, which I can explore Japanese society and culture more deeply. Also, there are interactions with the Japanese students, as well as foreign students, which give a chance to practice our Japanese and exchange different thoughts. Those experiences match the learning outcomes and I benefit from it.”