Study Tour

Japan Study Tour (28 June - 5 August 2018)

Focusing both on Japanese language study and research fieldwork, the tour’s objective is to improve Japanese proficiency and deepen understanding of various aspects of traditional/contemporary Japan. Following the successfully-funded programme in consecutive years, the Japan Summer Study Tour 2018 is the third year we hold this as a credit-bearing course with 60% subsidy from the University.

On 28 June 2018, our group of 20 students started the study tour in Japan. This credit-bearing course included 50-hour language tutorials in the morning session and 30-hour fieldtrips in the afternoon session. Participants in the tour are provided opportunities to directly experience different cultural events such as Kagura-mai (dancing performance at shrines), Ikebana (flower arrangement), and Hanabi-taikai (firework festival). Opportunities to interact with Kanagawa University students have also been incorporated into the tour.