Study Tour

Study Tour to Korea (19 June - 26 August 2016)

This study tour has provided valuable learning experiences for participants with intensive Korean language and culture immersion programme. 36 students participated in the study tour as a credit bearing course. This course is comprised of Korean language immersion (involving more than 180 learning hours) which involves 10 week intensive language programme (4 hours for 5 days x 10 weeks), several field trips, pre-tour activity (lecture on Korean culture & society) and post-tour activities (a group presentation and a study tour report). Students also participated 3 fieldtrips with 4 activities: 1 guided museum tour, 2 workshops and 1 field visit to K-style hub (an affiliated organization of Korean Tourism Board).

This study tour is a 10 week intensive language and culture immersion programme organized by Institute of International Education (‘IIE’), Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea. Prior to the departure to Korea, an orientation and a culture lecture were organized to provide an overview on Korean culture; to enhance the understanding of Korean society; and to facilitate the life in Korea for study tour participants. Upon return, the participants gave a group presentation and submitted a study tour report to demonstrate their knowledge and skills gained from the study tour.