Study Tour

Study Tour to Yokohama, Japan (30 June - 7 August 2016)

Study Tour to Japan has been very popular among students and it is one of the important featured student activities in the minor programme. Nineteen students (14 AIS students and 5 minor students) participated in the credit-bearing study tour to Yokohama located in Tokyo of Japan from 30 June to 7 August 2016.

The tour's main aim was to broaden and deepen students’ knowledge in the Japan society and Japanese language. The study visit conveyed in fieldwork and language learning at the Kanagawa University. During the study tour, students attended language courses which aimed at improving students’ communication skills. The tour also includes various study visits and hands-on experience so that students can use the target language practically and interact with local students.

During 37 days of intense academic exchange programme at Kanagawa University, students were provided opportunity to learn different important issues in Japan through lectures and discussions. Academic lecture in English included Japanese Pop Culture, History, Economics and Politics. This enabled students to engage in their interested research area during the study tour and apply their knowledge in social science research acquired in their major courses.

Before returning to Hong Kong, students took an overnight trip to Fuji Mountain (staying at Fujimi Seminar House), to get some sense of Japan's beautiful nature, rich history surrounding the arts and religious activities, and increasingly globally significance of the living legend of Fuji Mountain.