Study Tour

Study Tour to Yogyakarta, Indonesia (25 March - 4 April 2016)

Twenty AIS students participated in the credit-bearing study tour to Yogyakarta located in Indonesia's Central Java from 25 March to 4 April 2016.

The tour's main aim was to provide students with opportunities to study Indonesia's politics and society through an exposure to its culture and interactions with local people. In the first two days, students visited Borobudur Temple, the world largest and most complete ensemble of Buddhist heritage, and learnt how to make Batik, a form of wax-resistant fabric dying that has been known as Indonesia's signature art.

During four days of intense academic exchange program at the Department of International Relations of the Gadjah Mada University, students were introduced to important issues, such as Indonesia's foreign policy, history, economy, international relations and its role in the region, as well as society and culture. Through the lectures and discussions, students exchanged ideas and opinions with local academics and students.

Before returning to Hong Kong, students took an overnight trip to Semarang, Central Java's provincial city, to get some sense of Indonesia's beautiful nature, rich history of trade and civilization, and increasingly globalized but simultaneously traditional life styles.